How To Create An Ultimate Unboxing Experience

How To Create An Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Do you want to create the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers? Here are some tips on how to make your customers fall in love with your brand.


What is the Unboxing Experience? If you are not familiar with the term, you are probably not a big fan of social media. Documenting the process of opening the packaging and showcasing the products inside is a well-loved trend. And it seems it is here to stay. 

Creating the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers can differentiate your brand. There are so many products on the market that it can be hard to create a unique product. But, you can create unique experiences to connect with your customers. These days 43% of monthly retail purchases are made online. Having an amazing product unboxing experience may be the best way to leave a positive first impression.

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Why is the Unboxing Experience Important?

Wherever we look, we are overwhelmed with choices. Online shopping makes comparing products possible even for the stores that are not nearby. Delivery services are making it possible for customers to buy from distant locations. This means that having a great product is no longer enough to attract customers. They want a personal connection with the brand. Given the option, everyone will rather buy from a company that shares their values. 

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There are so many ads these days that customers tend to ignore them intentionally. Instead, they turn to the people whose opinions they value for recommendations. And creating the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers increases the chance that your product will be recommended. 

Even if it is not someone they personally know, potential customers will probably check the reviews of the existing users. And if they have documented their unique unboxing experience, your product will be perceived as more valuable. 

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There is no better marketing strategy than keeping your customers satisfied and inspired. This ensures that word-of-mouth will be positive, and you will have a loyal customer base. The research shows that reviews and recommendations from consumers are perceived as more trustworthy than marketing messages from the brand itself. Creating the ultimate unboxing experience will inspire people to recommend your products.

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Many people think that the unboxing experience is only related to subscription boxes. It is true that subscription boxes probably started this trend. But a great unboxing experience can now relate to any product. If you don’t believe this, try typing “apple unboxing” into Google. You will get around 91,600,000 results.

Creating the Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Packaging Box

It is possible to make your packaging box the star of the ultimate unboxing experience, like with The Animal toy truck. But that might be a bit too much for most products. However, the packaging is always a big part of the unboxing, no matter the product. And you can create a product unboxing experience for anything - toys, cosmetic products, food, clothes

The packaging should be the perfect fit for what it holds. It should protect the product. It should also enhance the interaction between the user and the product. The first thing your customer will see when the product arrives is product packaging. Make sure it is memorable and on-brand. Customers care about retail packaging. They want it to be eco-friendly and easy to open. 

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You should choose the box style that fits your product. You can decide to brand the packaging entirely. Or you can keep the packaging box simple. And then personalize it with different additional elements. The design should be on brand and appeal to your customers. If customers like the packaging it is more likely they will share it on their social media. This helps you reach broader audiences. Creating a video of opening the product offers a kind of virtual unboxing experience to everybody watching. And having a chance to see if we love the product before we actually buy it makes us feel more confident making the decision.

Additional Elements For the Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Belly bands are a great way to personalize products that can’t justify the price of a customized packaging box. They are simple and eco-friendly, and most important for creating the ultimate unboxing experience, they look nice. A belly band will keep the product together and enable your customers to create just the setup they like for their photos. And they will showcase your brand to everybody who sees those photos on Facebook or Instagram. Any additional element that is well-thought-out and intentional contributes to the ultimate unboxing experience. 

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The sleeve box is an easy customization solution. They are versatile and can fit any packaging box. If you need the same box style for different products, you can personalize it with packaging sleeves. Or you can make it a part of the box design to improve the experience. If you are in the take-out business, using paperboard sleeves allows you to write a customer’s name and address to make sure everything gets to the right place.

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If you use a lot of packaging tape, it might be a good idea to personalize it. It will create brand recognition by repeatedly showcasing your brand name or logo without being too much in your customer’s face. Having one repeated pattern is expected on a tape, and nobody will see it as pushy. If you don’t want to make it all about your brand name, you can put the #hashtag you want the customers to use on their social media or something else that is associated with your product.

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Business cards, postcards, flyers, or brochures can be used for additional information inside the packaging. Contact information, social media profiles, website… Invite your customers to share the ultimate unboxing experience using your hashtag or offer a discount for repeat customers. All these elements add more value to your packaging and make the customers happy without too much trouble on your side. And it’s up to you to choose what makes the most sense for both your business and your target audience. These are also perfect if there are certain instructions regarding maintenance or how to use the product.

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Hang tags can be used to add a personal touch to your packaging, which will improve the amazing unboxing experience even more. Everybody loves to feel special and cared for. Whether you use it to write a simple thank you note or personalize it with a name, your customers are sure to love the attention.

Void fillers can also be used to contribute to the ultimate unboxing experience. Although this might not be consciously recognized, customers do notice what kind of void fillers companies use. Using eco-friendly materials is becoming a must more than a choice. Repurposing parts of packaging your supplies came in shows that your business cares about sustainability. And sustainable unboxing experience is becoming more important to customers than ever. But, it is not just about eco-conscious behaviour. Choosing the right kind of void fillers can considerably contribute to the visual appeal of your packaging. 

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Samples and gifts - Everybody loves a pleasant surprise. Adding some simple gift or sample of your other related product is always appreciated. If you include samples of your new product for your existing customers to try before it hits the market, they will feel like they are part of an exclusive club. This improves their satisfaction and connection with the brand. And that is just the goal you want to achieve when you create the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers. Remember that these gifts do not have to be of great value. The goal is to make your customers feel cherished, and you can’t put a price tag on that feeling.

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Labels are a great personalization tool to use. They can have multiple purposes. You can use labels to write something on them, close a bag, or secure the box. They can prove that the packaging has not been tampered with during the transport. Inside the packaging, labels can hold the sides of inside wrapping paper, thus postponing the pleasure of seeing the product and improving the experience.

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Wrapping paper is the perfect tool for creating the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers. Everybody loves nice wrapping paper. Choosing the pattern that complements the products inside the packaging and the right paper will make everything look and feel as good as possible. 

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Keep in mind that every element of the packaging should appeal to your target audience and go well together. 

It does not matter if your product is high-end and expensive with elegant packaging and meant for sophisticated customers. Or if it is something bright, bold, and colorful for young audiences. Any retail product can benefit from a unique unboxing experience. Just make sure the experience matches your customers’ tastes and expectations.

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We hope these unboxing experience ideas will help you choose the right combination of product, packaging, and add-ons. Our experienced team is always ready to help achieve your packaging goals and create the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers.

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