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Signage is printed in full colour on rigid, low-glare white plastic and is available in sizes ranging from 12" x 12" up to 46" x 48".

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Sintra - Large Format Rigid PVC

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Our 3mm (1/8"") PVC Material is a smooth, bright white rigid plastic that is lightweight, yet very durable and weather resistant. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use, and have a low-glare, matte appearance. This material is also ideal for custom shapes, as it is strong enough to hold even intricate cut-out designs. These are ideally suited for signs that might get jostled or bumped, as the material is more durable than other possible substrates.


When ordering your sintra sign, keep in mind the thickness you will require. If the sign is to be placed in a frame or stand, check the thickness of the groove or slot where the sign is to go. Most frames and stands take either 1/8"" thick or 1/4"" thick, so ensuring you order the right thickness will make sure that the sign is not too thick to fit or too loose in the frame. The most common order options are 12"" x 18"" on 1/8"" Sintra White. Often, Signage is printed in full color on one side (4/0).

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If you order "No Proof, Run As Is", your turnaround time begins as soon as your order begins the impostion process.

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Note: Turnaround times begin when you approve the proof and do not include shipping or mailing times. Please review the site for more details.

Sintra - Large Format Rigid PVC FAQ

What is the production time for Sintra Signs?

Production time for Sintra Signs is typically 5 to 7 business days.