Environmental Printing

Environmental Printing

It's important to everyone here at Newprint to be part of initiatives that take care of our environment. We believe it's everyone's responsibility to minimize our impact on the planet, and we as a company want to show our respect for our surroundings by electing to use green or environmentally friendly alternatives for running our business as often as possible. We infuse green thinking into our business with the use of everything from environmentally responsible papers to eco-friendly inks.

FSC® Certification

Newprint is a certified FSC® company. The FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council®, is a global, not-for-profit organization that aims to promote responsible forest management around the world. By working with us, you can do your part for environmental awareness by actively engaging in this eco-friendly initiative.

When you place your custom orders, you may have the option of asking us to use FSC paper for your printing job. We will file all the chain of custody documentation required for the job and then the FSC will approve the request before anything is printed. After we have received approval, the FSC logo will be present on the printed pieces, which will help to promote the initiative and show your commitment to helping the environment.

Aside from using FSC papers for your order, we also make use of environmentally friendly inks for our print jobs. The inks we use have been created using the highest possible content of renewable and sustainable materials. Beyond being eco-friendly, these inks are also high quality products; you can rest assured knowing that these inks will provide the attractive, high caliber results you expect.

We take much pride in being able to set a good example for our customers, peers, and community. Through FSC certification, using environmentally friendly inks, and by making other green considerations, we make doing business with us something you can feel good about.