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Our print-ready and freely downloadable table tent designs are available to promote your pubs, ice cream shops, restaurants, cafés, gyms, hotels, medical and dental clinics, retail stores, and boutique shops. Enhance your products with our impressive designs!

We invite you to customize our complimentary Table Tent templates with compatible software and upload the designs to our website for printing.

Table tent card cards in dimensions 6 x 4 inches and 5 x 7 inches

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Design files for downloadable table tent cards are available in 5 x 7 inches sizes in .idml, .indd, and .pdf file formats.

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Free Template
for Table Tent Cards

Table tent card with the beer theme design.

Brewery Table Tent

Boost brand, showcase brews, shout happy hour, & guide customers. These mini-marketing marvels elevate your brewery experience. Level up & keep the good times flowing!

Table tent card with the ice cream theme design.

Ice Cream Table Tent

Boost brand, flaunt flavours, show prices, & share info. These mini-marketing marvels elevate the customer experience. More scoops, happy customers, thriving shop!

Table tent card with the restaurant theme design.

Restaurant Tent Cards

Highlight the signature dishes and offer transparent pricing, enhancing the dining experience. They also provide convenience with reservation details, contact information, and social media handles, leading to increased satisfaction and business success.

Table tent card with the coffee theme design.

Coffee Shop Table Tent

Provide everything a coffee lover needs to know on their table. Highlight your limited-edition roast or seasonal latte – make it the star of the show! Print a QR code on your table tent, empowering customers to promote your services and assist others in discovering their perfect coffee haven.

Table tent card with gym and fitness theme design.

Gym and Fitness Center Table Tent Sign

Highlight your latest group fitness class and training program. They provide everything a gym-goer needs to know at their fingertips. As a result, more motivated members and a thriving gym!

Table tent card with the hotel theme design.

Hotel Table Tent Cards

These versatile displays boost engagement and create a welcoming atmosphere. Showcase your spa treatments, rooftop bar, or unique local experiences.

Table tent card with the medicine theme.

Medical Center Table Tent Cards

Table tent cards for healthcare centers streamline appointments and offer wait time estimates, providing patients with comprehensive information at their fingertips. They include contact details, insurance information, and wellness resources for easy access. Include a QR code on your table tent to encourage customers to share their experiences and leave online reviews.

Table tent card design with the retail store theme.

Retail Store Tent Cards

Showcase complementary products or lesser-known departments – unlock hidden sales potential by highlighting your latest arrivals, limited-edition collections, or sale items. Display a QR code on your table tent to amplify your business with positive online reviews from satisfied customers.

Table tent card design with the boutique shop theme.

Boutique Shops Tent Cards

Showcase new designer collections, limited-edition pieces, seasonal must-have details, upcoming sales, stylist consultations, or loyalty programs.

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Hotel Table Tent Cards

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