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The choice between Roll Label and Labels Cut to Shape is entirely dependent on which is the most appropriate choice for the final use of the labels. One is not better than the other in terms of quality or value, rather one option may make more sense for the intended use or production environment than the other.

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    • Ideal for label applicator machines (comes on a standard 3" core)
    • Suitable for product lines with multiple SKU's, Versions, or Flavours; labels that are the same size + shape can be quickly switched out for rapid production
    • Economical at higher volumes (minimum 250)
    • Compact and tidy storage (Rolls can be secured and stacked)

    (Cut to Finish Size)

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    • Ideal for hand application (production runs involving intricate shapes or complex application)
    • Available in quantities ranging from 25 to 100,000
    • Suitable for uses ranging from promotions and events to product packaging
    • Crack and Peel Liner for easy application