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Stitching Book

Book saddle stitching is the process of folding the pages and stapling them through the folding line. This method is mainly used for notebooks, booklets, brochures, magazines, and instruction manuals. Saddle-stitched books are a perfect option for documents with a low page count or those meant for short-term use. If you choose saddle stitching, make sure your page count is divisible by 4. There are no limitations when it comes to the size of the book that can be saddle-stitched. The process is eco-friendly as it doesn’t use glue, and it can be done quickly. Book saddle stitching is a budget-friendly option whenever you don’t need anything too fancy, but you want to have a good-looking document that can be opened up flat for a pleasant reading and writing experience.

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Saddle Stitching


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