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2025 Free Wall Calendar Template

Typography Inspired 2025 Free Wall Calendar Template

Elevate your space in 2025 with our free downloadable wall calendar template featuring different themes. Our calendars seamlessly fit various interior design styles, from modern to creative layouts.

Four bottles with hang tags and labels for juice bottles.

Maximizing Sales with Hang Tags and Labels on Juice Bottles

Hang Tags and Labels for juice bottles are important parts of juice packaging. Learn how they can help you maximize your sales and improve your brand image.

Custom pharmaceutical packaging box with simple design.

Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging: Key Considerations

Learn about the importance of custom pharmaceutical packaging and the most impactful aspects of designing custom boxes for pharmaceutical products.

Beautiful book editions - detail closup of the cover for Making Money by Terry Pratchett.

What Makes Beautiful Book Editions Special?

What makes beautiful book editions so special? You may think it is design, but more than an excellent design is needed. There is another special ingredient…

Custom packaging box dieline, flat packaging box on a yellow background. The design has a person running through savannah, with trees and bees in the background.

How to Create Your Own Custom Packaging Box Dieline

Learn what a dieline is, why it is important, and how to use Newprint’s free dieline generator. Starting your packaging box design has never been easier.

Valentine’s Day packaging, a sheet of wrapping paper with a Valentine’s Day themed design. It has a white background with black and beige details. Design includes hearts, flowers and words "be mine".

2024 Valentine's Day Gift Box Ideas And Inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration for a perfect Valentine's day gift box that will make your loved ones smile, we are here to help.

A close-up of fda food packaging box with regulation showing details of nutrition values and ingredients information.

FDA Food Packaging Guidelines for 2024

When companies think about food packaging, it is usually focused on making it attractive and enticing the customers to buy the product. However, if you w...

Canadian Cannabis Packaging Regulations
A woman sitting at the desk looking at the laptop screen with Adobe Illustrator print template opened.

Print Template Generator

If you are a print designer, chances are you will find our free print template generator very helpful.

Spot color vs CMYK, a screen shot of zoomed in CMYK halftone pattern.

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