What Makes Newprint Your Go-To Partner for Postcard Printing

Newprint Postcard Printing
What Makes Newprint Your Go-To Partner for Postcard Printing

Postcard marketing is a highly effective strategy that stands out in the digital age due to its tangible and engaging nature. Unlike emails or online ads, postcards are immediately visible, making them perfect for connecting with customers, boosting sales, and promoting events. Newprint excels as a postcard printing partner by offering comprehensive services, including printing and shipment, ensuring your postcards are unique and impactful. Let's explore why Newprint should be your go-to choice for postcard printing.

Postcard Options: Size, Paper, and Shape

Standard and Custom Postcard Sizes

Since everyone's needs are unique, we offer a range of postcard sizes to suit your specific requirements. The standard sizes, 4 "x6" and 6 "x9", are always popular, but we also provide custom sizes to help your postcards stand out.

Different Postcard Shapes

We offer an array of shapes to make your postcards stand out. You may pick from square, round, or modern square shapes in addition to the standard shape Rectangle (Landscape). These distinctive forms may draw attention and give your marketing materials a creative touch.

Customization Options

Customization is where we truly shine. We offer endless possibilities to tailor your postcards to your brand and message. Your postcard's size, design, and material choice are up to you. Additionally, you may add finishing touches like UV coating, which makes the colours pop and gives your postcards a nice protective shine.

Selecting the right paper is critical to ensuring the effectiveness and durability of your postcards. We provide standard postcard paper and a tear-resistant, waterproof option for more challenging tasks. The standard paper option is 14 pt—Card C2S, perfect for regular usage. Our Waterproof Postcards ensures your message remains clear and visible when durability is crucial, even outdoors. This makes it great for items like menus, maps, and charts that need to withstand moisture. For even more unique and eye-catching postcards, consider Postcard Printing with Pantone

Craft Your Perfect Postcard: A Guide by Newprint

Planning is vital when creating an effective postcard. Start by crafting a clear message, and consider enlisting a graphic designer's help. Here's how to make your postcard truly stand out and drive results.

Grab Attention

Stunning Front Image: A captivating image on the front of your postcard is essential for making a great first impression.

Catchy Headline: Summarize your message with a headline that entices the reader to learn more. Keep it Clear.

Short & Sweet Message: Keep your message concise and to the point. Use bullet points for easy reading.

Strong Call to Action: Tell your audience what you want them to do next.Drive Results.

Highlight Benefits: Explain the advantages of taking action so your audience understands what's in it.

Compelling Offer: Provide incentives like discounts or free samples to encourage immediate action.

Personalize it (Optional): Adding the recipient's name can make the postcard more personal and relevant.

Following these tips, you can create a postcard that grabs attention and drives meaningful results. Newprint is here to help you every step of the way, from design to printing and beyond.

Direct Mail Scratch Cards 5.5 x 8.5

Plus, take your marketing further with our engaging scratch-off postcard option! Perfect for contests, promotions, and generating excitement, these postcards will have recipients eager to reveal the surprise hidden beneath the scratch-off area.

Postcards with Direct Mail by Canada Post

Canada Post's Direct Mail Postcards are a popular and cost-effective marketing tool.

Business Reply Cards Printing for Mailing

Business Reply Card are used in many situations to allow the recipient to reply by mail without paying for the postage. Newprint prints them on Husky® or Domtar® 7pt Reply Card (116.92 gsm, 79 lb.)

Marketing Strategies with Postcards

Boost Sales & Educate

Postcards can introduce new products or services, highlighting their benefits and providing usage tips. This boosts sales and educates your customers, increasing their satisfaction.

Drive Website Traffic

Print the personalized URL (PURL) on the postcard, or use a QR code and have your prospect access your website or profile.

Loyalty Program Promotion

Postcards are a great way to keep your loyal customers engaged. Remind them of your loyalty program and its rewards with a personalized touch that can make all the difference.

Event Marketing

Vibrant, attention-grabbing postcards can promote upcoming events such as sales, store openings, or special occasions, significantly boosting attendance and participation.

Tourist Destination Promotion

Partner with travel hubs to distribute postcards featuring captivating imagery of tourist destinations. This strategy attracts more visitors and effectively promotes local attractions.

free giveaway advertised with a promo code

Offer free event postcards with engaging content or QR codes that lead to additional online exploration. This can pique interest and drive further engagement with your brand.

Memorial Sharing

Custom postcards are perfect for sharing memories or promoting charitable causes. This heartfelt approach can foster deeper connections with your audience.

Thank You Notes

Postcards can express gratitude after events. A personalized thank you note can leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Church Donations

Encourage church donations with postcards with clear instructions and QR codes for easy online giving. This will make the process simple and accessible for your congregation.

Measuring Postcard Campaign Success

Trackable URLs and Unique Landing Pages

To measure the success of your postcard campaigns, include trackable URLs that link to unique landing pages. This allows you to monitor the number of recipients who visit your website from the postcards.

Unique Promo Codes

Track redemptions using unique promo codes on your postcards. This will help you assess the effectiveness of your campaign and the ROI of your postcard marketing efforts.

Why Newprint? Your One-Stop Postcard Solution

Convenience and One-Stop Shop

Since Newprint does everything in-house, including printing, addressing, and mailing, it provides unmatched convenience. For businesses, this means a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Customization and Quality

What sets us apart is our wide range of customization options. Choose from standard and custom sizes, various cardstock weights, and numerous design options. Our high-quality printing ensures your postcards look professional and appealing.

Fast Turnaround Times

With our efficient online ordering platform, you can expect quick turnaround times. This is particularly beneficial for businesses needing prompt marketing solutions.

Targeted Distribution

Our targeted distribution services ensure that your postcards reach the right audience. This precision can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Postcard Templates

Our range of postcard templates may make the design process more manageable. Because these templates are simple to customize, you don't need to be an expert designer to produce postcards that appear professional.


Postcards are versatile and efficient marketing tools, and Newprint adds value to them with a wide range of customization possibilities, waterproof solutions, and UV coating for durability. For any purpose—event promotion, sales promotion, or maintaining a relationship with loyal clients—we have the experience and quality required to ensure the success of your postcard campaigns. Select Newprint as your partner for postcard printing to see the distinction in results, ease of use, and quality.

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