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Best Practices for Effective Hang Tag Design in the Fashion Industry

Best Practices for Effective Hang Tag Design in the Fashion Industry

Explore top brands' strategies and practical tips for crafting standout hang tags that resonate with customers. From brand promotion to product information, delve into the significance of hang tags and how they boost the fashion business.

Gift Wrapping Paper Designs

How to Design and Print Custom Gift Wrapping Papers

Elevate gift-giving with unique custom wrapping papers. Discover vibrant designs, essential print tips, and quality at wholesale prices. Access free downloadable designs at Gift Wrapping Paper Printing.

2025 Free Wall Calendar Template

Typography Inspired 2025 Free Wall Calendar Template

Elevate your space in 2025 with our free downloadable wall calendar template featuring different themes. Our calendars seamlessly fit various interior design styles, from modern to creative layouts.

Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Solutions - Sophee Facial Oil

Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Solutions for Cosmetics Brands

Uncover the impact on reputation, and see how big brands fight back with holograms, invisible inks, and tamper-evident features. Explore innovative anti-counterfeit packaging solutions like QR codes and invisible ink. Join Newprint in preserving authenticity

Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging

Importance of Branding and Customization in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Experience the impact of thoughtful pharmaceutical packaging! Discover how Newprint ensures trust and brand recognition through unique, user-friendly designs. Explore our comprehensive solutions for reliable medication packaging and building lasting relationships in healthcare.

Canadian Cannabis Packaging Regulations
A graphic designer setting up a print file on a computer with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign logos on top of the image.

How To Set Up a Print File in Adobe Software

Read this article to learn how to set up a print file in your Adobe software, so you never have any issues with your printer again.

Woman working in Canva editor on a laptop.

How To Export Canva To PDF For Print

Do you want to export Canva to PDF and make sure it will print correctly? We have a guide to help you do it quickly and efficiently.

Closeup view of several sheets of paper slightly folded on a table.

How To Get An Online Printing Quote

Learn how to get an online printing quote quickly and with minimal effort, using Newprint’s online price calculator.

Canva, Adobe Express and Adobe Illustrator logos against a dark background.

Canva VS Adobe Express VS Adobe Illustrator for Packaging Design

Read our Canva vs Adobe Express vs Adobe Illustrator report to find the best tool to use for packaging design. We tested all three, and here is the results.

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