How To Design Custom Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes by different brands
How To Design Custom Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

Are you wondering how to design effective custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging? We have some tips for you. And there are also some examples to inspire you.

Custom Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging can be very versatile. There are different skincare packaging boxes you can choose from for your products. And your approach to design depends on your target market. We know the best designs are always unique and recognizable. But these tips will help you make sure your sustainable skincare packaging checks all the important boxes.

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for eye cream, flat and assembled

What to keep in mind when designing cosmetic packaging

Rules and regulations

There are specific cosmetic labelling and packaging requirements you need to be aware of. They are obligatory, and you can’t avoid them if you are in the cosmetic industry. So always keep them in mind when designing your custom eco-friendly packaging. Knowing the correct category your product falls under will affect your design decisions. Some elements have regulated size. Ingredients must be listed in order. There is information you are obliged to put on the cosmetic packaging. Knowing what words and phrases you can or can not use in your advertising will help you ensure your product packaging design is as it should be. And this should be the first step. You don’t want to have a brilliant design ready just to find out it does not comply with the current regulations.

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Two-piece custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging from different sides, opened and closed

Your target audience

If your cosmetic products are targeting a younger audience, your packaging can be more colourful and playful. If, however, you are selling luxury skincare products, you should make sure your packaging design reflects that. Although your brand should be represented in the design, keep in mind that it should also appeal to your customers. They are the ones who should notice your packaging and like it enough to buy your product.

If your customers are very eco-conscious, consider adding different sustainable elements to your packaging. There are different eco-friendly void fillers you can use. Science and technology have come a long way in creating sustainable materials. You can even find eco-friendly packaging tape now. Always keep in mind all different possibilities. Make your packaging satisfying for even your most demanding customers. 

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-different custom eco-friendly packaging boxes from naturally vain


Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging should always fit your product. There is no one right way to do it. Some products can not avoid having some impact on the environment. But there are steps you can take to minimize that impact. One way to achieve that goal is to use paperboard for your custom packaging. Paperboard is one of the most sustainable options for retail packaging. It is easy to recycle, which makes it eco-friendly. But, it is also very customizable, which makes it a great choice from a branding viewpoint. Choosing environmentally friendly inks will help to make your packaging even more sustainable. There should always be a balance between sustainability and benefits for your business. You should work with your printer on creating the best possible sustainable packaging options for your product. They will help you by recommending solutions you may not even be aware of. Certain coatings will help your paperboard cosmetic packaging be more water-resistant. This helps in case it is meant to be kept in the bathroom.

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes on the flat surface, the one in the middle opened


Excess waste is never a good thing. And not just because of its impact on the environment. Having custom packaging that fits your product will offer the best protection. And this is one of the primary functions of the packaging. Well-designed packaging, regarding the style, shape, and materials, is easier to store and transport. This improves the supply chain efficiency and minimizes the number of returns and damages. So, having well-thought-out packaging is a double win for your company and the environment.

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes on the flat surface


Whenever you can make your packaging reusable, do it. If your customers can store their product inside the packaging during the usage period, they will be thankful for it. The box is usually easier to keep on the shelf than the products, which can have odd shapes. The product will also be better protected inside the packaging, and they will always have additional information at hand if they need it. Ladies also like to keep nice boxes as a storage option for their small items.

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging box for bath bombs, half opened

Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging done right 

Naturally Vain 

Naturally Vain is using different box styles for its custom packaging depending on the product. They decided to utilize all the benefits of STE, REFT, and 1-2-3 Lock Bottom boxes. The colour scheme for the packaging represents the ingredients used to make the product inside. Clean and simple design is very on-brand for this company. Its cosmetic packaging is colourful and easy to notice. With the natural ingredients and quality packaging, there’s no reason for the products not to fly off the shelves.

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Back side of the custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for bath bombs
eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Green custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for soap bars

Collagen Lift Paris

Collagen Lift Paris is a luxurious beauty product that helps rejuvenate skin, nails, and hair. It is also said to help the ladies battle one of the most dreaded problems in women’s bodies - cellulite. The higher price range of the product dictates the use of luxury cosmetic packaging. This elegant two-piece box has a very sophisticated feel to it. The use of gold foil on a matte black background is a great recipe for placing the product in a high-end category in the customer’s mind. The gold foiling process is eco-friendly, and there are no problems removing the foil from paperboard during recycling. Using Pantone colours for this luxury cosmetic packaging design ensures colour consistency. If there was a time machine for our skin, it would use Collagen Lift Paris packaging design for advertising. 

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for collagen, black with gold foiling
eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Two custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes for collagen, black with gold foiling

Hag Swag

Hag Swag is a subscription box made for witching and occult lovers. Hag Swag team uses reft boxes to pack everything included in the subscription. This gets them sturdy good looking packaging. Subscription boxes are easy to open and close and offer a pleasant unboxing experience. One of the reasons they are so popular is also that, when opened, they provide a great view of everything included. 

But, Hag Swag also uses different packaging for some of the individual items included in the box. For the perfume oils, they chose small STE boxes. These sleek boxes have top and bottom closure on the same side, which gives them an elegant look. Hag Swag’s perfume oil packaging boxes are an example that shows that STE boxes can be small and functional. The design is well thought out and appealing to their target customers. With the distinctive representation of the elements on the custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, customers will have no problem finding the right product for themselves.

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Three different custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes for parfume oil
eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Different custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes on a flat surface

Subtle Green 

Subtle green decided to use a simple skincare packaging design that is represented in white STE boxes with a single leaf as a representation of the natural ingredients used to create the product. White packaging symbolizes cleanliness and purity. This packaging design is heavy on words, which helps customers get all the important information about the product during the decision-making process. It clearly states their products are eco-friendly and luxury skincare products. The target audience can recognize the products are for them at first glance.

eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes for skincare products
eco friendly cosmetic packaging-Four custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes for skincare products, one leaning on other three

A summer in Italy

A summer in Italy team decided to use minimalist skincare packaging with a simple design. Both the name and the light blue colour of the packaging evoke peace and serenity. The packaging resembles a clear blue sky with just enough fluffy clouds to have something to focus on. This corresponds to the brand message that skincare is a lifestyle. Just like a good holiday, Blue Nude face oil promises to replenish your energy levels, keep you refreshed and relaxed, and continually make you happy. 

Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes for skin serum


Foliage uses bright and bold colours for its packaging. This is surely getting them noticed on the shelves. Dominant blue colour represents reliability and effectiveness. Stylized leaf connects the product packaging to natural ingredients used for the products.

Four different blue custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes for anti age products

Foliage is clearly communicating its brand message on the custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. It is evident to anyone who sees it that the products are promising to make you ageless. These products are meant to keep your skin young and glowing. 

Side view of three custom eco-friendly packaging boxes, and the up side view of one


Rabica utilizes a simple design. Their team chose a white background with two stripes of colour near the top and bottom end of the box. This is a company that takes pride in the pigments that are used for its products. It is logical to make the colours for the stripes saturated and noticeable. The ingredients are very visibly placed on the front of the cosmetic packaging box. This way, they are easy to find. For people buying natural cosmetic products, the ingredients list is very important. It can be a deciding factor when choosing what to buy.

Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging boxes for serums, flat
Different custom eco-friendly packaging boxes for serums on the flat surface

We hope our tips have helped you consider the most important elements of packaging design. And that our examples of well-designed packaging have inspired you. If you need any advice on creating custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging we are always happy to offer advice. Our team of professionals can help you create packaging that will reflect your brand values.

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