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Two holiday cards with gold foil details surrounded by flowers and Christmas decoration, holiday card design inspiration.
Holiday Card Design Inspiration to Help You Spread Holiday Joy
Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging
Importance of Branding and Customization in Pharmaceutical Packaging
Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Solutions - Sophee Facial Oil
Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Solutions for Cosmetics Brands
Custom Table Tent Cards
What Are Table Tent Cards and How to Use Them
Book Printing Guide for Schools
Book Printing Guide for Schools and Academic Institutions
Synaps XM Paper
Power of Waterproof Printing: Perfect for Postcards, Menus, Brochures & More!
Children's Book Illustrator's Guide to Printing
A Children's Book Illustrator's Guide to Printing
Custom Print Tuck Boxes
A Guide to Printing Custom Tuck Boxes
Custom packaging box dieline, flat packaging box on a yellow background. The design has a person running through savannah, with trees and bees in the background.

How to Create Your Own Custom Packaging Box Dieline

Learn what a dieline is, why it is important, and how to use Newprint’s free dieline generator. Starting your packaging box design has never been easier.

Canva, Adobe Express and Adobe Illustrator logos against a dark background.

Canva VS Adobe Express VS Adobe Illustrator for Packaging Design

Read our Canva vs Adobe Express vs Adobe Illustrator report to find the best tool to use for packaging design. We tested all three, and here is the results.

Custom Printed Packaging Boxes - with three small boxes inside

How to Create Product Packaging for Your Products

Want to know more about creating product packaging? Read on to discover everything you need to know!

Closed black custom jewelry box packaging with gold logo on the top

Creative Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Brand Recognition

The importance of having custom packaging is acknowledged across industries. This is even more important for fashion and style-oriented businesses. Perso...

Clothing Packaging Design-Top view of a purple gift box on a marble table with a clothing packaging design applied for a nightwear brand.

Clothing Packaging Design Ideas for Branding

Let’s face it - clothing and fashion are all about appearances. Even superb quality will not sell the clothes if people don’t like it. We are not saying ...

Guide to Custom Packaging-Hands opening a small black packaging box.

Comprehensive Guide to Custom Packaging

Days, when the only purpose of product packaging was to protect the product are long gone. There are many similar products on the market. You should attr...

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