2024 Valentine's Day Gift Box Ideas And Inspiration

Valentine’s Day packaging, a sheet of wrapping paper with a Valentine’s Day themed design. It has a white background with black and beige details. Design includes hearts, flowers and words "be mine".
2024 Valentine's Day Gift Box Ideas And Inspiration

Welcome to the month of love. Everywhere you look, there are hearts and pink and red. Flowers, chocolates. For those of us who are not romantic by nature, it cat get overwhelming. And it doesn't mean we don't love the people around us. It just means we need a little more help and inspiration to create that perfect Valentine's gift box.

And remember - it doesn't have to be all about romantic love. There's nothing wrong with showing appreciation to friends and family this month.

Especially if they are not romantically involved, seeing couples sharing presents around them can make them feel lonely. Make sure they also feel loved.

And, without further ado...

Valentine's Day Gift Box Ideas


Source: Enfusia

Like every year, Enfusia has a Valentine's Day Collection for those who enjoy long, relaxing baths. If you know someone who is under a lot of stress lately and need some self-care time to unwind, Enfusia might be the right choice. All their worries can melt away with these perfect heart-shaped bath bombs.


Valentine’s Day packaging for a set of three tea flavors, one packaging box with an opened lid showing the three teas inside and the other box with a closed lid behind it. Soft pink color with gold foiling details give this box luxurious look.
Source: Vahdam

For the tea lovers in your life, adding Vahdam tea to their Valentine's day gift box will surely put a smile on their faces. You can choose any of them, as they are all beautiful. But we especially recommend the Blush gift set. It has beautifully subtle and elegant packaging. Gold foiling and pink color make you fall in love with the box at first sight. And the tea inside makes love last for a long time.


Valentine’s Day packaging, a light gold heart-shaped tin box with a base and a lid with the lid slightly opened showing various chocolates inside the box.
Source: Godiva

As always, Godiva has a wide selection of products in their Valentine's day collection. These premium chocolates will make any chocolate lover happy. And they are all dressed up for the occasion. Whether you want to make them a part of a bigger gift or they are the only gift, they are sure to make an impression. This heart-shaped tin is my choice for this year.

Bean Box

Valentine’s Day packaging for a tasting set of coffee and chocolates. Four smaller boxes in a larger box without a lid and with a packaging sleeve that has “love is brewing” written on it. And one large box under them, with two mugs on it.
Source: Bean Box

Are you in love with a coffee lover? If they are in love with their coffee (like I am), there's no better way to make them love you forever than gift them this perfectly paired coffee and chocolate. And just as the simple but elegant box sleeve says - love is brewing. An added bonus is that the set is meant for two to share.

Harney & sons

Valentine’s Day packaging, an octagonal tea box with Valentine’s Day-themed design applied to the box. Various stylized flowers on the pink background.
Source: Harney & Sons

If you want your gift to be unique, Harney & sons has a special Valentine's Day blend paired with Sugar Lips from Sugarfina. If there's an adventurous tea lover in your life who likes to experiment with new blends, this can be a perfect addition to their Valentine's day gift box. And it comes in a beautifully designed tin can.

Valentine's Day Gift Box Inspiration

We have also chosen some inspirational Valentine's packaging ideas for those of you who like to make a more personalized gift. I have a friend who hand-draws packaging for all her presents. And she always searches for inspiration online. So, if you are one of those people, enjoy our choice of packaging designs that celebrate love. Whether you choose to use a box, wrapping paper, or packaging sleeve, there are many available options. Or, if you are a small seller and want to make a lasting impression on your customers, you can choose to create custom packaging for different holidays. This will ensure your products are gift ready in the shop, so your customers know there's nothing left to do than give them to their loved ones.

Valentine’s Day packaging for a chocolate bar, ten chocolate bars next to each other with and without the packaging. The design has a woman silhouette and words “be my Valentine”.
Source: Adélaïde Ducruy

This chocolate packaging has simple but effective design. In the sea of hearts and cute designs, the dreamy vibe of this silhouette attracts attention.

Valentine’s Day packaging, a box with a Cupid on a Vespa illustration on a pink background, and small red hearts around the box.
Source: Alesia Graphic

Nothing says love as well as Cupid does. His arrows always hit the target, and Vespa helps him travel quicker, so he can reach every heart that needs love.

Packaged gift with simple wrapping paper with “love” written all around the white background.
Source: ChristeningGift

There's no need to go overboard with the decorations. For those who prefer simplicity, white background with lots of "love" will do the trick.

Valentine’s Day packaging, several small boxes, a paper bag, and wrapping paper with hedgehog and hearts  design.
Source: Elena Lysikova

This image shows how the same design can be used for different packaging options. You can choose between bags, boxes and wrapping paper. They all have the same level of cuteness, this sweet hedgehog is sure to melt everyone's hearts.

Valentine’s Day packaging, three packaging boxes with artistic illustrations applied.
Source: Henricky Martins

These boxes show that not everything has to be cute, there are also options for those who prefer more artistic design.

Valentine’s Day packaging, two base and lid boxes with Valentine’s Day-themed design.
Source: Kristina Chervan

These boxes are the perfect combination of artistic and cute.

It was my goal to show there are different possibilities that capture the spirit of the holiday, and they can be as cute, artistic or sophisticated as you like.

I hope that I have helped you create the perfect Valentine's day gift box for the person you love. If you have some other suggestions to help even more people find that perfect gift, please let us and our readers know.

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