Seasonal Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Seasonal Marketing Ideas For Your Business

We have some seasonal marketing ideas to help you drive more sales during different seasons.


When searching for seasonal marketing online, most results are for the digital seasonal marketing plan. Although we acknowledge the need to advertise your product sales and services online, we noticed a lack of mentioning the seasonal advertising examples and seasonal marketing ideas for a business that wants to use print products for advertising their offer.

What is seasonal marketing

As the name suggests, seasonal marketing revolves around seasons. Although it often includes official and unofficial holidays (like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day, or Black Friday), there is no need to tie it to any of them. You can choose to have a sale just because it is spring or summer.

Benefits of seasonal promotions

We know that as a business, you are not likely to have a sale “just because”. But,  seasonal promotions can be very beneficial. They can kick start your new seasonal collections. Or help you make space for the new collection at the end of the season. 

Seasonal products marketing can help you attract customers preparing for the season. You can attract early birds that are already thinking about the next year. Or you can target forgetful customers that have remembered they need something for the upcoming season at the last minute. Both categories love the chance to save some money on seasonal products.

Seasonal advertising examples

Table tent cards

Having table tent cards is a great way to add new seasonal products to your coffee shop offer without printing completely new menus for every season. Everybody loves to try new seasonal flavors, and having them in your offer will get your customers excited for every change of the seasons. They will always wonder what delicious, unique flavor they will find next time they visit.  

Indoor Banners

Indoor banners will help you advertise your sale in a big way. There is no point in having seasonal promotion if it is not noticeable. Having large format printing in your store will surely attract potential customers’ attention. Adding words like “today only” or “just this week” creates a sense of urgency. Fear of missing out is common for modern shoppers. Letting them know there’s an expiry date on your offer, and that it is soon, will make them want to check your products or services as quickly as possible.


Promotional posters

Having posters to promote your seasonal offer is a bit more subtle than large banners but still very noticeable and effective. Posters are a versatile marketing tool, as they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Putting them on your shop window will invite people in to check out your seasonal offer. Another good way to utilize posters is to have them spread out across the shopping mall with arrows pointing in the direction of your store. 


Flyers are inexpensive and an effective way to attract new customers. They are easy to distribute and fairly small but have enough space for advertising your offer. Having flyers in high traffic places is an excellent way to reach large numbers of people. 

Door Hangers  

Door hangers are a great way to advertise your seasonal services. You can read more about why you should use door hangers marketing, but here I want to mention they are a highly targeted form of marketing. If you have a seasonal business, you must ensure your seasonal marketing strategy is ready in time. And door hangers can help you target customers likely to use your services. For services that are only used for short periods of time, you want to ensure you are getting high ROI in a short time, as you don’t want to miss the window of opportunity you have.


The seasonal marketing campaign should be well thought out. Brochures are a great way to place a lot of information onto a single marketing piece, as various size and fold combinations give you a lot of options. And similarly to flyers and door hangers, how and where you distribute your brochures is essential. For example, if you run a summer camp for children, you should distribute your brochures in places both children and their parents will be able to get them. The well designed brochure should be eye-catching and have all the information your customers may need to make an informed decision and reach you.

Greeting Cards

Not all seasonal marketing objectives have to be transactional. Using your print marketing to create a connection between your brand and the customers is entirely ok. Simple “thank you” or “Happy Holidays” printed on greeting cards during the holiday season can go a long way and make people remember your business as friendly. This can make them want to buy more of your products.

We hope we helped you get some seasonal marketing ideas you can use to attract more customers to your business and help you connect with the existing ones.

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