Custom Food and Snack Packaging Boxes

Five custom food packaging boxes standing next to one another containing nuts and snacks.
Custom Food and Snack Packaging Boxes

Beer Snacks have made their packaged snacks noticeable. And their custom food packaging is made of quality materials, which is a winning combination.

Snacks are a product well-loved by many, which is a good thing if you are selling them. But this means that there is a lot of competition on the market, and it can be hard to ensure that your product will be noticed by consumers. One of the reasons companies are choosing custom food packaging is that it helps differentiate your packaged snacks from other similar products. But getting noticed is just the first strep, you have to deliver a high-quality product in order to create repeat customers. And the quality of your packaging will be associated with your product. This means that well-crafted custom food packaging is not just eye-catching, but is also made from quality materials.

Front view of a mixed nuts custom food packaging box on a wooden background.

Well-Designed Custom Food Packaging Is an Important Part of Branding

Beer Snacks International was created with the desire to offer customers quality snacks to enjoy while having their favourite drinks with friends. These artisanal snacks are inspired by flavours of the world and are perfect to enjoy with a beer or fizzy drinks. They are made with vegan ingredients and carefully chosen spices. You can see what they have to offer on the Beer Snacks International website. Their packaging design has made their products very recognizable and memorable, which is crucial in order to get noticed among other products.

Two custom food packaging boxes containing nuts and snacks against a wooden background

Inspirational Design That Brings These Packaged Snacks to the Spotlight

The box style that Beer Snacks uses for their products is basically a standard Roll End Front Tuck box. This type of box is very popular among retailers, as it is sturdy, protects the product well and it looks good. It is often used for custom food packaging, as well as other retail products.

Technical drawing of a roll end front tuck packaging box.
Technical drawing of a roll end front tuck custom food packaging box with a snack product design applied.

However, these particular packaging boxes come with a little twist. Most of the time, REFT boxes are made so the long side of the box is touching the surface. This means the box is horizontal and it opens by pushing the lid up.Beer Snacks decided to do things a little differently since they took a standard REFT product packaging box and turned it vertically. In this case, the box opens from right to left instead of up, but more importantly, this allowed them to bring their design idea for packaged snacks to life.

Three custom food packaging boxes containing nuts and snacks against a wooden background.

The Principal Display Panel on this custom food packaging shows an illustration of a beer bottle, which makes perfect sense considering their brand name and what they do. Furthermore, all info on this panel is distributed within the bottle illustration so it resembles an actual beer bottle and label. This wouldn’t have been possible to achieve had they not turned the box vertically. To further customize their packaging box, we cut a hole on the front of the box so it follows the shape of the beer bottle. This was the final touch in achieving a very interesting, memorable and unique product packaging for their packaged snacks.

Close-up of a nuts mix custom food packaging box showing a cutout in the middle of the box.
Six stacks of flat, unfolded printed boxes cut to final shape and size.

Branding Done Right

Beer Snacks also did a great job when it comes to graphic design. Their custom food packaging boxes are a great example of how a design should be done when you have a brand with multiple flavours or styles. The design elements on every box are at the same position and the main brand colours are also the same. This is very important, as having a design done like this improves brand recognition. It tells the customers that all these products come from one brand and that they are a part of the same product family. And the way you differentiate the packaging for different flavours is by changing the colours.

Eight stacks of flat, unfolded printed custom food packaging boxes cut to final shape and size.

In the case of Beer Snacks packaging, as we’ve already mentioned, the primary colours are the same on every box, and the only elements that have different colours on every box are the flags and smaller background elements. This allows for the necessary uniformity of product packaging, and also makes each of the boxes unique just enough so the customers can notice the differences and easily choose their favourite flavour from the shelf.

A hand holding a nuts custom food packaging box inside a store.
Beer Snacks International
Top view of seven nuts custom food packaging boxes inside a wooden tray.
Beer Snacks International

If you are interested in custom packaging, our team will gladly help you create product packaging that will be noticed by your ideal customers.

A stack of flat, unfolded printed custom food packaging boxes cut to final shape and size.
A close-up of the back of the nuts custom food packaging box.
A close-up of a stack of flat, unfolded printed custom food packaging boxes cut to final shape and size.
Front view of the box for group packaging of smaller nut mix boxes, with a big cutout on the front side of the box.
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