Best Holiday Packaging of This Season

Elegant chocolate holiday packaging
Best Holiday Packaging of This Season

We always love to see well-designed holiday packaging ideas. These are some of our favorites for this season.

The holiday season is the perfect time to relax and enjoy quality time with our families. And a big part of that is sharing some treats, hot beverages, exchanging gifts, and spreading joy. This is just the reason we are sharing some of the favorite holiday packaging ideas we’ve seen.

We usually regard packaging professionally, commenting on quality and design. But, this time, my main criterion was - “did this packaging put a smile on our faces?” It does not mean that I have disregarded design and quality. However, note that I am very fond of holiday-themed packaging, and it does not have to be impressive and unique for me to love it. If it is joyful, I am already sold. And if it is one of a kind and well-designed, I will remember it for years. 

This list is a mix of traditional holiday designs that you will see variations of every year and some that I think would be worth mentioning even in the “non-holiday-themed” list.  

The Lady M Merry and Bright Advent

My personal favorite is The Lady M Merry and Bright Advent Calendar. It is one of a kind bon-bon advent calendar that can also be hung as a decorative Christmas wreath. It comes with a delicate gold chain and warm, twinkling lights to make sure everyone will love your wall decoration. And you can enjoy the look long after you are done with the edible part. 

Advent calendar shaped like Christmas wreath for holiday packaging
Source: Lady M
Advent calendar holiday packaging hung like Christmas wreath on the wall
Source: Lady M
Holiday packaging for advent calendar with bon-bons
Source: Lady M


Caffé-Tasse has gone one step further with its holiday packaging and made a very appealing Christmas box, including the holiday edition of the mini cups. This packaging has embossing that very nicely incorporates the chocolates in the holiday design, making them part of the ornaments.

Box full of different products with holiday packaging
Source: Café Tasse
Red and gold holiday packaging of chocolates shaped like mini cups
Source: Café Tasse

Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman decided to use a classic holiday design for their advent calendar, with just a little twist – notice the jars used as ornaments on the tree.

Holiday packaging for honney advent calendar with winthery design
Source: Bonne Maman

Flora Waycott’s Holiday Packaging

During the holidays, Flora Waycott sent some extra joy to her customers and used these wonderful wintery packaging materials. Receiving a package from her is sure to put a smile on everybody’s face.

Holiday packaging for e-shop products with wrapping paper and washi tape
Source: Flora Waycott


Gnaw made an extensive choice of Christmas-themed chocolate products to ensure every customer will find something to gift to their loved ones. Or themselves. Because there is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself, as well as others, during the holiday season.

Two Gnaw white chocolate bars with holiday packaging
Source: Gnaw Chocolate
Holiday packaging for a set of Gnaw chocolate products
Source: Gnaw Chocolate
Holiday packaging for Gnaw choco bombs
Source: Gnaw Chocolate
Holiday packaging for Gnaw chocolate bars
Source: Gnaw Chocolate


Neuhaus also made a wide choice of holiday packaging, so there is something for everybody. Both colors and shapes are appealing as Christmas presents.

Tree-shaped holiday packaging for Neuhaus chocolates
Source: Neuhaus
Holiday packaging for Neuhaus pralines
Source: Neuhaus
Holiday packaging for various Neuhaus chocolate products
Source: Neuhaus

Godiva and Sterling Forever

Godiva keeps their sleek and elegant look even for the holiday packaging design. There is nothing extravagant in their packaging, but it looks just festive enough. This is perfect for lovers of minimalistic design.

Godiva gold collection holiday packaging
Source: Godiva
Godiva assorted chocolates holiday packaging
Source: Godiva
Godiva chocolate box holiday packaging
Source: Godiva
Godiva truffles holiday packaging with black and gold design elements
Source: Godiva

The same goes for the Sterling Forever advent calendar, with a festive but refined design. This is just what we expect from the fine jewelry brand.

Holiday packaging for a jewelry advent calendar
Source: Sterling Forever

Lily O’Brien’s and Lindt’s Holiday Packaging

Lily O’Brien’s and Lindt’s packaging makes the holiday statement mainly through the color choice. Gold and red are usually associated with holiday decorations. Adding some wintery details to the design makes them a perfect gift.

Holiday packaging for a chocolate advent calendar
Source: Lily O’Brien’s
Pyramid-shaped salted caramel holiday packaging
Source: Lily O’Brien’s
Lindt advent calendar with holiday-themed design
Source: Lindt
Lindt truffles holiday packaging
Source: Lindt

Special Mentions

Every year, I look forward to seeing Oreo, Nutella, and Starbucks holiday packaging. And they never disappoint.

Oreo cookie house holiday packaging
Source: Oreo
A Nutella jar with a holiday-themed label design
Source: Nutella
Three Starbucks coffee cups with holiday-themed design
Source: Starbucks

For Theo chocolates and Moon Chery wine, the only thing I have to say is that they are so perfectly festive that it is a delight to see them, even though Moon Cherry wine is not from this season.

Chocolates with holiday packaging laid out on a tray
Source: Theo Chocolate
Three wine bottles in in white and blue holiday packaging
Source: Moon Cherry Wine

We hope seeing these inspiring holiday packaging ideas have put a smile on your face and helped you enjoy your day even more. Happy holidays!

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