3 Key Benefits of Having Custom Hang Tags

Benefits of Custom Hang Tags
3 Key Benefits of Having Custom Hang Tags

The benefits of custom hang tags are many, yet businesses tend not to utilise their power enough. Here are some reasons to have custom printed hang tags.

No matter what your product is, you can successfully use hang tags to connect with your customers. They have the power to convey your marketing message seamlessly. Hang tags are usually viewed from a close distance, so they can be used as a combination of a label and a business card. If you want your product to stand out, custom hang tags are a must. Well-designed custom hang tags can be both aesthetically pleasing and informative.

Benefits of Custom Hang Tags - Tina

1. Custom hang tags are representatives of your brand

Hang tag design is a vital part of connecting your customers with your company. Nobody wants to be followed through the store by a pushy salesperson telling them what to look at. But everybody loves when they are drawn to the product by a well-designed hang tag. When you are deciding on your hang tag design, consider the message of your brand and your target audience. What will appeal to them? If your product is upscale, you will want to have luxurious hang tags. If your product is for younger customers, you can make it playful and colourful.

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2. Custom printed Hang tags offer endless possibilities

Athough many businesses think of them as a piece of paper with a product price on them, hang tags are far from being only that. Whatever you want to communicate with your customers, you can put it on a hang tag. They can even be made into an instruction manual.

Maybe you want to thank your loyal customers for supporting your brand throughout the years? You can do it with a hang tag.

Benefits of Custom Hang Tags - Thank You

Is there more information you want to share than you can put on the label of your bottle that has no packaging? Bottle Neck Hang Tags are a way to go.

Benefits of Custom Hang Tags - Bottle Neck Hang Tag

If there is something extra you want to share, but you don’t want it to be visible at first glance, you can use Folded Hang Tags. Or you can leave the inside empty for a personal message, if the product is most likely to be bought as a gift.

Benefits of Custom Hang Tags - Folded Hang Tag

You are confident that your brand name is enough for customers to choose your product over the others? If the design is done right, quality hang tags on a well-chosen paper stock can look great with no other elements on them.

Benefits of Custom Hang Tags - Wonder Brand

3. Hang tags can hold enough information to “sell” the product

There may be important information that influences the decision making process that can’t be seen on the product itself. Custom hang tags can effectively and efficiently make your customers aware of the benefits of your product.

Winter coats can be made of thin wool that will make you warm even on the coldest winter night. Use the hang tag to inform potential customers that being thin does not make the coat ineffective.

Any important information about the materials and the processes used to make your product, as well as the product’s unique features can be placed on the hang tag. They can also have instructions on how to use and take care of the product. Company logo and slogan can be used to create brand awareness.

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Benefits of Custom Hang Tags - BB

Whether you already have the design or you need our design team to help you,contact us to discuss your project. We are offering custom printed quality hang tags to help you elevate your business. You can visit our Hang Tags product page to see all the available options.

Also, you can check Hang Tags Examples to get some inspiration.

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