Paperboard Boxes - Luxurious Lightweight Custom Packaging

Paperboard Boxes - Luxurious Lightweight Custom Packaging

REFT boxes made of SBS are the ideal packaging for lighter products. They are upscale looking product packaging, and can also be coated for extra protection.


What are Roll End Front Tuck Boxes?

REFT boxes provide a sturdy structure with rounded flaps on the lid engineered to smoothly tuck into the front side of the body. Front flaps prevent the lid from unintentionally opening and protect the inside from dust and dirt in transit. They have a high presentation value which makes them perfect for subscription boxes. Also, REFT boxes are reusable and thus loved by eco-conscious customers. Another fact worth mentioning is that they are very cost-effective when your use is infrequent.

Why use Roll End Front Tuck boxes Made from SBS Paperboard?

Solid bleached sulfate (SBS) has great value because it is clean, easy to print on, and smooth. Also, being odourless, sanitary SBS is the perfect choice for packaging foods that come into direct contact with it. Businesses use SBS to package everyday products, like food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cigarettes. SBS has features valued in high-end packaging when the impact and quality of the print are essential.

Benefits of Roll End Front Tuck boxes

You don’t Need Tape or Glue to Assemble REFT Boxes

It will take approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on the person’s experience and the size of the box. Once you have completed a few, you will probably develop your own technique for doing it quickly and with increased ease. You can watch an instructional video on our YouTube channel.

Roll End Front Tuck boxes are Aesthetically Pleasing and Have High Presentation Value.

They offer a great unboxing experience for the end customer. This makes them the first choice for subscription box packaging. REFT boxes are also commonly used as custom box packaging for products sold in eCommerce stores.

REFT Boxes are Thin, Lightweight, and Not Bulky While Still Offering a High Level of Security For the Product

This will be even more true if you choose one of the available coating options.

Roll End Front Tuck Boxes can be easily printed on, thus making them very customisable

Quality printing and good design will entice customers to buy your product. Luxurious design with foiling will appeal to people looking for upscale products, and colourful packaging will attract children and their parents. Natural kraft surface of CFNB will be the first choice for targeting the ecological market. This will help you differentiate your product and improve brand recognition. Labels and hang tags can further improve branding. To help you with your design, read our Tips and Tricks

REFT Boxes Offer Enough Space

You can use this space for instructions, ingredients, or nutrition values, depending on the product.

Roll End Front Tuck Boxes are Reusable and Cost-Effective

Easy-to-open and reclose ends improve the consumption experience. Suppose you are using them for food packaging. In that case, your customers can also use them in a refrigerator without the need to re-package the product inside in a different container if they don’t consume the entire portion.

In case you are not sure if you want to invest in custom packaging, read our 3 Reasons for Having Custom Packaging Boxes

Paperboard boxes are the best to use for commercial packaging that doesn’t need to hold heavy items. They are lightweight, have a premium look, and can be easily printed on. Visit our Reft box product page to see the available options, or contact us if you need our team to help you.

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