Maximizing Profits With Best-In-Class Advertising Flyers

Maximizing Profits With Best-In-Class Advertising Flyers

Every business uses them, yet many still struggle to measure the impact of these marketing materials. Creating advertising flyers is easy. Making them effective is another art altogether.


Every business uses them, yet many still struggle to measure the impact of these marketing materials. Creating advertising flyers is easy. Making them effective is another art altogether. Don’t just spend your money on marketing because everyone else is. Make time to check your design for these eight common mistakes before sending it to press.

#1: Dull Headline

It’s natural to want headlines on a flyer to be factual or shout out something about your company. Perhaps simply your name. This approach will most likely result in a refiling in the garbage bin or at best, a recycling container. Consider titling your flyer with a benefit of being your customer. For example, if you’re a delivery service, try “bringing you what you need, so you can focus on what’s important.”

#2: Lifeless Lists

Everyone makes lists. And what consumer doesn’t like a list of products or services to choose from? The question is why would they be interested in spending time to get to know what you have to offer in the first place? Why would a stranger who has never heard of you give you a chance?

Make an effort to describe the problem(s) you’re solving. You want this to be as unique as possible. Reading this should help a potential customer distinguish you from your competition. Sticking with our previous example, let’s pick grocery delivery. Most people wouldn’t say they need grocery delivery and would not pay a premium for it. They might entertain the convenience of being able to come home and start cooking dinner without having to fight their way through a crowded super market. They’ll likely be interested in gaining back time – being able to come home, quickly prepare a delicious meal, enjoy eating with the family and still have enough time to play with kids or enjoy each others company before falling asleep.

#3: Strictly Business

Relationships are just as important in as they are outside of business. People want to feel good about who they’re doing business with. Take advantage of being a smaller or family-owned business and let the reader know a little bit more about you. What qualifications or values make you different from your competitors? If you’re provide a service, this might be your ability to complete jobs quickly. This might be your commitment to a one hour response time. A little bit of personality can go a long way.

#4: Passive Phrases

The purpose of advertising is to compel someone to action. Yet we’ll still see marketing pieces end with phrases that include “for more information” or “look for us at.” There are two essential parts to an effective closing. First, a date driver. Provide something reasonable to allow busy customers the chance to come, but not too lenient as to discount the importance of your offer. Second, an impact on price. Whether its the words free, percent discount, or dollars off a purchase, customers love a bargain. Remember to balance the impact to your margins relative to the increase in sales before you choose the pricing benefits your want to provide.

#5: Wasted Opportunity

Once you have the attention of prospective customer, don’t leave them hanging with a one-sided flyer. Take advantage of the opportunity to support your message with more details, tell them how to find you, or provide helpful advice. This also prevents someone for mistakenly throwing away your ad if they receive it blank-side first. Some examples might be:

#6: Everyone and Anyone

It’s easy to feel the need to blast your message far and wide. But this may not be the best strategy for everyone. For example, pet care specialists should target neighbourhoods with a high concentration of pet owners. These businesses also benefit from focusing on building clientele in a smaller list of neighbourhoods, maximizing the use of their time and saving money on transportation.

If you provide similar on-site services, consider first targeting areas your current customers live and those most easily accessible by your vehicles or favoured mode of transportation. Don’t worry if you end up sending flyers to your current customers. Just include a sentence to encourage them to pass the flyer along to a friend. You could even consider a small discount for their effort if their friend becomes a customer.

#7: One-hit Wonders

The power of threes shows up in the marketing world as well. The average person needs to be contacted at least three times before they can even pick you out of a lineup. Running one advertising flyer campaign is not enough to grow your customer base. Get creative with your follow-up campaign. Perhaps reach out to office buildings or public buildings. Grocery delivery services may consider posted at a local store. Sometimes reading the same material in a different environment can produce a different reaction.

#8: Assuming Success

After putting in the effort to create your best marketing materials, the last thing you want is to hope for the best, and assume you’ve got the process down. Put a few controls and metrics in place so you can measure impact and continue to improve your campaigns going forward. For example, if you are using a distribution service, follow-up with random or periodic audits. Check trash, recycling bins, or public areas for piles of flyers that didn’t make it to each household.

The best measure of a successful campaign is an increase in revenues. Simply comparing number of visits and total purchases during the flyer campaign to periods without campaigns can help you understand the impact of your advertising. To compare the effectiveness of different wording or flyer design, run two campaigns simultaneously and track individual responses by asking customers which flyer they received.


Putting in a little more effort up-front will help ensure that each of your advertising flyer campaigns not only increase your sales, but also increase in effectiveness with every run. If you aren’t avoiding mistakes to make your flier the most effective, you’re missing a major opportunity and wasting your money! Having an attractive flier is just part of putting together an advertising flier that could help maximize your profits.

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