24 Label Design Ideas for Packaging Labels

24 Label Design Ideas for Packaging Labels

Packaging Labels are a vital part of the packaging and your brand identity. We are sharing with you these label design ideas to inspire you.


The packaging isn’t complete without a label. Whether it says the name of the brand, how to use the product, or a simple thank you to the buyer, customers expect to see packaging labels on your products. Many people look forward to reading the label to find out as much info as possible about what they’re buying, which makes the label an essential component of your branding. There are so many different ways to go with your labels. The best thing to remember is to always make them clear and attractive. This way, they will never go to waste. Labels can be very versatile – you can print on regular or vinyl paper stock, using different inks, foils and coatings. Here are a few inspiring label design ideas for various products.

1. Charred Plant-based BBQ

Design by Annika McFarlane

2. Hot Sauce, Raspberry Jam, and Olives

Design by Anton Yeroma

3. Strawberry and Peach Jam Packaging

Design by Arvilla Morett

4. Kombucha Packaging

Design by Arya Vijayan

5. Shuksan Brewery

Design by Bart Bemus

6. Holyfruit Perú

Design by Daniel Juarez-Ruiz

7. Cien Chiles

Design by Asha Mody

8. Skagway Spirits

Design by Dunn & Co.

9. Roca — Craft Brewery

Design by Felipe Holman

10. Folwark Pszczew

Design by Foxtrot Studio and Adrian Chytry

11. Little Melly Solids

Design by I Am Riwan


Design by I-Chen Huang, Pei-Hsuan Kuan and Matinal Design

13. Lemon Deli

Design by Jasmine Ting

14. Chutney Jar Labels

Design by Jessica Louise Hill

15. Genys - Craft Beer

Design by Motiejus Gaigalas

16. Sokologia

Design by Olena Fedorova

17. Grow Coffee Roasters

Design by Pola Augustynowicz

18. Hola Bonita!

Design by Pola Augustynowicz

19. Jungle Juice

Design by Roberta Farese, Emanuele Grimaldi, We meet Brands and Matteo Modena

20. San Jorge Coffee Roasters

Design by Rubén Hervás

21. Casa Sendim’s Wine

Design by Sara Almeida Martins

22. Isle of Barra Gin

Design by Steven Bonner

23. Marcelo Bocardo

Design by SVETLIZA MARTINEZ Packaging Design

24. Prophecy Wine Labels

Design by Victo Ngai

Whether you want customers to remember your logo or you want to give them more information on the benefits and ways to use your products, labels are a way to go. Newprint offers different packaging labels, such as roll labels and cut sheet labels, and our team is ready to help you turn your label design ideas into reality.

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