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Are you tired of licking stamps and addressing envelopes every time you launch a direct mail campaign? Newprint offers mailing services, and we can send your printed materials directly to your customers. You don't have to waste your time on the boring and time-consuming part of direct mail marketing. Provide the list of addresses you want us to send your postcards, letters, or business reply cards to, and we will do it for you. You can use that time to plan your next big campaign, and not worry whether you missed some important customer while addressing. Let us make sure that everyone from the list gets their mail while you take care of the more creative part of direct mail marketing.

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  1. Postcards with Direct Mail by Canada Post

    Postcards with Mailing are one of the most popular marketing tools. The broad range of size choices caters to many marketing messages. Postcards with Mailing are available in various sizes to fit your budget, convey your message, and command attention. They help your message reach a target audience.
  2. Direct Mail Addressed Letter with Window Envelope

    Create a direct mail campaign using a standard 8.5x11 letter + a window envelope. Simply upload your PDF and your .CSV file to place your order.
  3. Business Reply Cards Printing for Mailing

    Business Reply Card are used in many situations to allow the recipient to reply by mail without paying for the postage. Newprint prints them on Husky® or Domtar® 7pt Reply Card (116.92 gsm, 79 lb.)


3 Item(s)