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What stocks are available for Labels?

Stock can be divided into two main categories, paper stock (not waterproof, only for indoor use) and synthetic stock (tearproof, waterproof, suitable for cosmetics and outdoor use when coated).

Paper stock comes as uncoated, matte or gloss. We can add a Gloss UV coating or lamination on the gloss label. That way, the ink will be protected from smudging, and the labels would become fridge and freezer safe. Matte and uncoated labels can't be coated, but the finish allows you to write on them with pens and pencils.

Synthetic labels come as white labels and clear (transparent) labels. Adding a Gloss UV, they will be protected from smudging and can be used outdoors. Lamination would protect the labels from smudging, and they can be used outside or in a moist environment (cosmetics products). The white synthetic label comes with a matte finish, while clear labels come with a matte and gloss finish. White ink can't be printed on the clear label. Whatever area is white on the file, it won't be printed, and it will remain transparent. We can ship you some samples of the available stock if you would like. Just email us which paper stock you are interested in seeing and leave us the shipping address.

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