How do I set up printing on the flap?

Unlike the other printing methods, the flap artwork should be included with the art for the front. It will need to be rotated 180 degrees and positioned at the top, just like if you were looking at an envelope with the flap open. The content will be upside down so that it will be right-side-up when the flap is folded. Also, if there is to be a solid colour printed on the entirety of the flap, it should extend a minimum of 1/8" or 0.125" onto the front face of the envelope so there will be a stripe at the top of the completed envelope. This is called "Overbleed" and is needed because the envelopes can shift during the die-cutting and folding processes. If there is no overbleed allowed, there may be some white that shows on the flap, or some envelopes may have the colour bleed over onto the front.

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