Can Brochures be distributed with Canada Post?

Yes, Canada Post is an ideal option for brochure distribution. A few factors and requirements will need to be taken into account if Canada Post will be used, however.

Firstly, there are the size and weight limitations per piece for each class of postage. The maximum size for Standard postage (as opposed to Oversized, which costs more) is 12"x6", and the maximum weight is 500 grams. For brochures, the weight restrictions are not as much of a factor as they would be for items like catalogs, where it would be much easier to reach that limit. However, the maximum dimensions can be an issue if the piece is designed at a size that would be too large. For example, a 17"x11" folded to 8.5"x11" would be too large. However, the size is measured when the piece is folded, not flat. This means that 11x17 could be folded differently to bring it down below the maximum of 12"x6".

The other factor that will need to be considered is the bundling requirements. Canada Post requires the bundles to be no more than 6" thick. Still, the standard is to put 100 pieces per bundle (i.e. 10 bundles of 100 is 1000, rather than putting exactly 6" bundles and having to figure out how many that is). For items larger than 8.5"x5.5", Canada Post usually requires that the bundles have 2 elastics, or they might reject the mailing.

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