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Structural Designer/Graphic Artist



Position Available:


Company Description:

Newprint is a Canadian company and a family-owned business with a long, multi-generational printing history. We began as an offset printing company in 1990 serving businesses and organizations in the National Capital Region. While we continue to provide printing services in Ottawa, we have since expanded to serve clients throughout Canada and beyond. We are proud to be a printing services provider to a wide range of clients across North America. As a qualified supplier to various government departments, we have implemented meticulous quality control measures. We use these same measures for all of our clients, from non-profit to public and private companies. One of our goals is to create innovative products and unique solutions for our customers. We use tools from Esko’s and EFI’s catalogue of programs to help streamline and expedite this process, as well as equipment from Heidelberg and Xerox to deliver a finished product.


We are looking for a talented and creative Structural Designer/Graphic Artist to develop paper and paperboard structural designs. The individual will be in charge or creating new innovative products and packaging concepts that have structural integrity and functionality. This individual will also be responsible for creating die-lines for graphic development and make die-line recommendations. Most importantly, we are looking for a self-starter with a willingness to learn and provide customers with the best work possible.

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Create new innovative products and packaging concepts that have structural integrity and functionality
  • Test, analyze, and select materials for packaging based on durability and cost effectiveness.
  • Reproduce supply packaging structures for new or existing customers
  • Operate sample-making tables to create samples for customers, sales representative and general prototypes
  • Adhere to structural and mechanical design codes and standards.
  • Formulate visual designs and solutions from 3-dimensional thinking; show examples using Artios Cad
  • Photograph displays and edit using Adobe Photoshop software for client meetings
  • Provide guidance for designers on graphic and structural issues
  • Work directly with vendors and customers as required for display projects
  • Use Microsoft Excel to create detailed Cover Sheet/BOM.
  • Assist in stocking incoming board deliveries

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  • B.Tech, other print-related degree, or equivalent work experience
  • Minimum two years experience in Structural Designer/Graphic Artist position or in related field
  • Creative and have a good understanding of materials
  • Proficient in Artios CAD, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Excel
  • Knowledgeable in CAPE and Adobe Photoshop
  • Knowledge of the existing and planned approaches and methods for manufacturing products or product components
  • Knowledge of methodologies, tools and techniques for designing, building and managing the manufacture of new products
  • Knowledge of the methodology and associated phases, activities and deliverables for manufacturing new or enhancing existing products
  • Ability to design, plan and execute testing strategies and tactics to ensure product quality