How To Order a Printed Prototype For Your Packaging

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What is a box prototype?

A box prototype is a hard copy sample of your box that is cut exactly to your box dimensions and shape. You have the option of ordering two types of hard copy samples:

A printed prototype can be ordered in case the flat size of your box does not exceed 13 x 19 inches. This means we will print your box design on a sheet of paper, cut it to shape and glue it, so you can assemble the box once we ship you the prototype.

In case the flat size of your box is bigger than 13 x 19 inches, we will send you a blank prototype (no printing) that is cut to the right size and shape. We will also send you a flat printed sheet with your box design and the box dieline on it.

Why do I need a box prototype?

Ordering a prototype is highly recommended because in many cases that is the only way to make sure your box is the right fit for the product that goes inside. In case the box size or box design needs to be edited, with a prototype you are able to detect these mistakes and correct them prior to printing a bulk order.

In case your box design has small text on it, having a printed prototype is the only way to check if the text is legible. Or, if you are applying labels or stickers to your box, with a printed prototype you can make sure the labels will not interfere with the text or any other important design elements.

Box prototype is NOT an exact replica of your finished product, it serves as content and size proof only. Special coatings and embellishments can not be applied on a proof. The colours on the printed proof may be different from the colours on your finished product. 

How to order a box prototype?

The prototype needs to be included in your online order.

Once we receive your order, we will print the prototype, diecut and glue it and send it to you for approval. We will not print the bulk order before the prototype is approved.

In case you need to update the design after seeing the prototype, you should email us the new file and we would send you a digital proof. If you would require another printed prototype, there would be an additional fee for that.