Postcards FAQ

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Can I split the quantity of postcards with multiple designs?

No, you will have to add each postcard design as a separate item to your shopping cart.

Can I just upload my already designed postcard and have it printed?

If you have a print-ready PDF from your previous job, then yes. Just choose your product options, upload your file and proceed to checkout. 

I need you to print a postcard and then send those cards to the Canadian addresses that I supply. Can you do this?

Yes, we can send the postcards to the addresses that you supply. For this option, visit Postcards with direct mail by Canada Post.

Are templates available for Postcards?

Yes, downloadable templates that include all of the proper margins, bleeds and dimensions can be found on our web site. Once you choose all your product options, the templates generated will exactly match the specifications chosen.

If you require custom design work, please reach out for a custom estimate by emailing [email protected].