Trading Cards FAQ

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I am looking for a card stock that is similar to the actual hockey card with coating. What do you suggest?

To have the actual hockey card quality, you will need to select 16pt Card C2S and the Gloss Lamination for coating.

What are the specifications for the file that I can upload?

Your file has to be exported as one PDF file, and the number of versions will determine the number of pages. So if you have 25 different cards per set, your file will have to have 50 pages (the first page will be the front of the first card, the second page is the back of the first card, the third page is the front of the second card and so on).

How thick would be a stack of 50 trading cards on 14pt Card C2S?

The stack of 50 cards printed on14 pt C2S would be 3/4”.

What are the measurements for the “rounded corner” option?

They are 1/4”.

I am looking to have 72 trading cards printed. Can these be submitted to you for printing?

Our trading card product is limited to 60 versions, so to print 72 versions, you will have to place two products in the shopping cart, the first one with 60 versions and the second one with 12 versions, keeping all original specs.

I am looking to order trading cards. I see quantities of 10, 25 etc. Is it possible to order say 15 (per Set)?

You can add custom quantity in the pricing chart. There is a field called Add Custom Quantity (see below).

Type in the desired quantity and press the green plus button. It will appear in the chart.

My Trading Cards will be autographed. Is there a particular card stock that works better than the other?

Fine point permanent marker should work fine on all types of finishes.

Regular pens or pencils can be used only on uncoated stock, but it does not have a look of premium trading cards (laminated card).

Do you do custom designs for Trading Cards?

We do offer design services.

What does the shrink wrap packaging look like? Can the wrapping have a print on it?

The wrapping is a thin plastic film that shrinks when it’s exposed to heat and keeps the content in place. It can’t be printed because it’s too thin and it shrinks. We can produce the trading card boxes instead.

Do you offer any environmentally-friendly options?

We can print trading cards on a 100# Rolland Enviro Cover that is 100% produced from post-consumer waste.