Door Hangers FAQ

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Do you have plastic material for Door Hangers?

Yes, the best choice of paper material for plastic door hangers would be the “10 pt. White Polyester Plastic (Synaps XM)”. It’s a stiff synthetic material that holds really well to any climate conditions. We recommend adding a Gloss UV coating to add an extra layer of protection to prevent ink scuffing and longer-term exposure to sunlight.

What margins are required for Door Hangers?

A minimum of .125” or 1/8” should be left from all edges. While content can be included in the top portion where the hole and slit will be, it should be limited to the top corners and not placed around where the hole will be. These designs can look quite fetching, but only when the hole is exactly centred within the design. Due to the variable nature of the manufacturing process, we cannot guarantee that the hole will be in the same place every single time. Therefore, at least .125” or 1/8” of margin should be left around the hole, but 1/4” or .25” would be even better to really ensure things don’t look lopsided.

Are templates available for Door Hangers?

Yes, downloadable templates that include all of the proper margins, bleeds, and sidelines. Once all the selections are made on the product page, the templates generated will exactly match the specifications chosen.

If you require custom design work, please reach out for a custom estimate by emailing [email protected].

What can the tear-off option be used for?

The tear-off portion is ideal for adding a business card, coupon, ballot, or other such information that is intended to be detached from the rest of the Door Hanger and kept by the user. It is the perfect way to literally deliver information, offers, or contact information to someone’s front door.

Can I change the size of the tear-off portion?

Yes, you can change the size of the tear-off portion at the bottom. When you upload your file, include a dashed line in a spot colour named “die-line” in the position that you would like the perforation to be in. It is important that it be a spot colour swatch and that it is called “die-line” as our system is set up to automatically remove this from the final press file so it does not print.

Can the position of the hole be moved?

The position of the hole can be moved no more than .125” or 1/8” either up or down. Any more than this, and there is a risk that the top portion will rip when the Door Hanger is placed on the knob.

The position of the hole can not be moved left or right, only up and down. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the holes are cut using cookie-cutter like tools called dies that have both the hole and the slit in a fixed position. When the hole is moved up, this is done by moving the entire die up. As well, if the hole is too far off centre, the Door Hanger will actually hang crookedly.

Will the holes fit all doorknobs?

The size of the hole was determined to fit the most common doorknob stems. The slit allows the Door Hanger to be placed on various sizes of knobs, handles, and even latch-style doors.

Is distribution included with the Door Hangers?

Many of the finishing options are designed with distribution in mind, for example, the bundling options meet Canada Post’s requirements, as well as those of many distribution companies. However, it is not included on the website, as the cost depends on a number of factors. If distribution is required, you can reach out to us at [email protected].

Do you want crop marks included with the print PDF for Door Hangers?

You can include crop marks, but they are not required. We do require that the files have a bleed if the design has elements that go to the edge.

I’m looking to print door hangers for specific addresses, do you offer variable printing?

Yes, we do offer variable printing, but it requires a custom quote.

Will I receive the proof of my file?

You can choose how do you want to receive the proof of your file prior to printing.

The default option is PDF proof, we would email you a PDF file with the size and cut lines to see the positioning and the colours.

Hard copy proof means that we would print one copy of your file and send it to you for your approval.