Bottle Neck Hang Tag FAQ

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Is it possible to produce a Bottle Neck Hang Tag that is a different size than the one on the website?

In that case, we would have to create a new die specific to your product, that would require a custom quote.

Which paper stock would you recommend for a high-quality tag with gloss?

We would recommend a 16pt C2S Card + Gloss UV.

Can I have any design elements on the top where the hole goes, or should I leave it blank?

You can extend the background elements all the way to the top, but don’t have any important information in that area, such as text and logos.

How do I make sure my design elements are not too close to the hole drilling area?

We highly recommend that you download our design templates. Those files are already set to the correct size and the hole position and safe zones are indicated.

Where is the fold on bottle neck hang tags?

Our standard dieline for bottle neck hangtags is 2.125 x 5. When placed on a bottle, the hanging part is 2.875” long.

What is the diameter of the hole at the top?

The diameter is 1.25’’.