Roll End Tuck Front Box FAQ

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What is a Roll End Tuck Front Box?

A roll end tuck front box is a self-locking box that does not require glue to form and assemble. It’s a box style that requires only 2 steps in production, simply print and cut, with the boxes remaining flat until you need to form it. You can call it a RETF as a short form, however, it can also be known as a REFT box for Roll End Front Tuck. Roll End Tuck Front means the box tucks and closes from the front whereas if it was called a Roll End Tuck Top it means the lid will only tuck from the top. The RETF box comes with tuck-in self-locking tabs commonly called “Cherry Locks”, hence Tuck Front. This box style has a standard code of 0427 from the FEFCO library of standard designs and, when made of corrugated cardboard, is commonly used for shipping boxes and widely called a mailer box. Although the most popular purpose for it is used in the shipping and mailer space, this style can be produced in various paperboard thicknesses as well. It can be used for retail packaging for products like bath bombs, soaps, bakery boxes, pastry boxes, among many other applications.

Roll End Tuck Front Box - RETF

What is a mailer box?

It’s a style of box used in the eCommerce space for shipping products safely and is the outer box that has the shipping label placed on it. It is made of a thicker paperboard (cardboard) corrugated flute sheet of 1/8” thickness. The colour of the corrugate sheet can be white or brown on either side and can have a coated finish or an uncoated and natural finish. They are simple and easy to assemble and require less storage space since they are supplied in flat sheet bundles. Mailer boxes provide a secure yet fun unboxing experience when your recipient opens the package as the product is visible as soon as the outer box is opened. 

What is the difference between a Roll End Tuck Front Box and a Mailer Box?

Roll End Tuck Front refers to the model that defines the enclosure method of the box and “mailer box” is how the box is used. They look the same when they are assembled, however, the paper thickness will determine its use. You can use a lighter white-bleached cardstock such as 18pt to 24pt for lighter-weight products that are packaged within the RETF box. If you choose an 18pt to 24pt paper stock you will not be able to use it as the shipping box but rather the box that the product itself is packaged in. When you order a RETF box you can choose a range of paperboard material whereas if you are ordering specifically a mailer box you will most likely use it as a protective box to ship as a parcel. For that reason, a Mailer Box should only be made with a corrugated sheet, such as a 32 B Flute. 

Can I use a RETF box for food packaging?

Yes, a RETF serves nicely for food packaging, especially in the retail space. Here’s an example of a cheese product that is well presented in a RETF box at a fresh produce and grocery store. The nice thing about it is that you can also use them in a refrigerator without the need to re-package the cheese or the food product inside in a different container if you don’t consume the entire portion. So it’s great for reuse after opening within the same package as well as displaying neatly in a store (as the square shape allows it to stack nicely).

How long does it take to receive a RETF box?

Typically, a RETF box is printed and manufactured within 5-7 days from the day you approve the proof. Depending on the quantity and the amount of finishing options you require for your RETF box it can potentially require more time to ship your order out. Once the order is placed a better estimate can be provided for the production time of your specific box.

How much weight can a medium-size RETF box carry?

We recommend no more than 2lbs per 100 square inches. For example, a 4x4x4 RETF box should carry no more than 1.28lbs if your paperboard is in the range of 18pt to 24pt thickness. For any product heavier than that, we recommend a more rigid paperboard such as corrugated.

How long does it take to assemble a Roll End Tuck Front Box?

A Roll End Tuck Front will take approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute to assemble, depending on the size and experience of the person assembling the box. Once several have been assembled, each person develops their own technique for doing it quickly and can do it quite rapidly.

Some products look best displayed in a RETF and wouldn’t be something you could compromise brand identity for the cost savings of a different style. However, many people choose to start off with a RETF style box when the volume is fairly low as it is one of the more economical box styles. As demand increases and/or if a production line is implemented, you might want to consider an auto forming box that requires less time to package and seal by hand and can also be formed and sealed by a machine.

How do you ship a high volume of RETF boxes?

When your order reaches over 150lbs we will consider freight shipment to your door, however, it’s less costly to send a large shipment if you have a loading dock. To save on dock transfer fees and tailgate charges try to have us ship your order to a warehouse with a loading dock. We use the most cost-efficient method to ship your order and quotes are provided beforehand if you are looking for a fairly high number of boxes to print. For a quantity of a short run, we will simply use a shipping carrier such as UPS, FedEx, Purolator or DHL and can be selected at check-out when placing your order online.