Postcard Printing With Pantone FAQ

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What are Pantone colours?

Pantone is the industry standard when it comes to colour matching. Each colour swatch is defined by its own number, and this number tells the printer the exact recipe for getting that specific colour tone. Pantone inks are pre-mixed and these pre-made inks are used on the printing press instead of CMYK, which ensures colour consistency throughout the print run.

How to add Pantone colours to my artwork?

Follow the instructions in these two articles in order to create Pantone artwork with Adobe software:

How to create a Pantone ink design in Adobe Illustrator

How to create a Pantone ink design in Adobe InDesign

Can you send the Postcards to the Canadian addresses that I supply?

Yes, we can send out the postcards, however, for Pantone Postcards this will require a custom quote.