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What’s the difference between NCR Forms and Carbonless Forms?

There is no difference between NCR Forms and Carbonless forms. These are just two different names for the same product.

“NCR” stands for No Carbon Required.

What is the double-sided option on page one, and what is it typically used for?

Typically, important information such as terms and conditions, instructions, and “fine print” content is printed on the back of the form for the customer to read without taking up all of the space on the front of the form. The content on the back should be a very light colour of approximately 50% opacity to not show through on the front side.

When setting up my NCR forms document, how much space should I leave for page edge margins?

Most NCR forms are printed on paper that is the finished size, and the press used requires a minimum of 0.25” of grip. For this reason, please make sure to apply at least 0.25” of margins to your design. This is known as the “Print Safe Zone”. An additional 0.25’’ of margins should be added to the binding side.

Can custom numbering be positioned anywhere on the page?

Numbering can be placed anywhere on the form but is usually positioned in an upper or lower corner. An area of at least 1” x 0.5” is required for the numbering. This can be indicated with a box or a prefix, such as “Invoice:” or simply left blank.

It is recommended to position the numbering a minimum of 1” away from the edge of the page.

The desired location for the numbering can be indicated by adding an overprint layer in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign to show where the numbering should go. However, it needs to be done carefully to ensure the overprint element is set up correctly.

If no specific location is indicated, the numbering will be positioned in the best available location with sufficient space (generally in the upper right corner).

What is the thickness of NCR forms and books?

The thickness of a 2 part NCR book is 0.5” per 50 sets. The thickness of a 3 part NCR book is 0.75” per 50 sets. 

For 25 sets of a 2 part form, the thickness is 0.25”, and for 25 sets of a 3 part form it is 0.375”.

How many books would I be getting based on the quantity I order?

It all depends on how many forms you order. For example, if your order quantity is 50, you will get either 1 book of 50 forms or 2 books of 25 forms. The quantity is not the number of books; it is the number of forms ordered.


QTY ÷ SETS per Book = Number of Books

1000 Forms ÷ 50 Sets Per Book = 20 Books

Are there any guidelines to follow while creating a form? What should be the size of the document?

Do not add bleeds to NCR forms.

Your document dimensions should match the paper size you choose when placing your online order.

Can you design the NCR form for me, and does the order come with a design demo before it goes through?

We do offer design services, and a digital proof will always be sent to you for approval before we print the order.

I would like the form to be smaller than the smallest size you have on your website. Is that possible?

To place your order for a smaller size, you will need to select the next size up on the website.

We will under-trim the NCR for you once the order is received.

You can still upload your file even if there is a warning. You can also click upload my files later and email us your file, referencing the order number.

Can I reorder the same print?

You can log into your account and click the “Reorder” button; this will create a new order with the exact same specs and artwork.

Is there a perforation line where the binding of the book ends on the NCR forms?

The options highlighted green come with perforation.

Do you print NCR forms in colour?

We do offer NCR forms printing in colour.