Hang Tags - Folded FAQ

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Can you print Folded Hang Tags in a custom size, not listed on your website?

Yes, we can print custom sizes. To make an online order for a custom size, choose the next available size option on the Folded Hang Tags product page. Once you’ve completed your online order, please email us your order number and in that email indicate what the correct size should be.

Do the Folded Hang Tags come with strings?

No, hang tags do not come with strings. There are many different styles of strings to choose from, and you should select the ones that suit your product best. 

How much space should be left for the hole drill on the Folded Hang Tags?

Depending on the tag’s size and the hole’s size and position, the top of the drill will usually be placed between .25” and .5” from the tag’s edge(s). It is best to leave a minimum of .5” of margin from the border for the hole. This will ensure that critical design elements or information will not conflict with the drilling. Any background colour, design, or image should extend into this area. Hole’s exact position can shift slightly throughout the course of the drilling process.

What paper should I choose if I need to write on Folded Hang Tags?

If the Folded Hang Tags need to be written on, you should choose some of the uncoated paper stock options.

These are:

  • 14pt Uncoated
  • 14 pt. - 100 lb. Lynx® Uncoated Cover FSC®
  • 130 lb. Cougar® Super Smooth Cover (18 pt.) FSC®
  • 100 lb. Rolland Enviro™ Smooth Cover

 The Linen paper has a textured and a smooth side, so you can create the design with a logo on one side and lines for writing on the other to overcome any issues with the texture. 

Can you print Folded Hang Tags that are not folded in the middle?

Yes, we can create different folds. However, if the fold you need is not listed on the site, you can email [email protected] to see if it can be done and for a custom quote.