Hang Tags FAQ

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Do the Hang Tags I order online come with strings?

The hangtags do not come with strings.

Can I order Hang Tags with the strings attached?

We can apply the string at your request, but It will require a custom quote.

You can order the hangtags online, and we would provide you with an invoice for the strings separately.

To issue a quote, we would need to have the following information.

1. How many hang tags you are planning to order?
2. Do you want a cotton string or elastic?
3. What would be the string colour (black or white)?
4. How big the loop will be from the hole to the knock?

Can I order custom shaped Hang Tags?

No. Newprint does not make custom shaped Hang Tags. We are only offering Hang Tag shapes available on our website.

Can the Hang Tags be used with a tagging gun?

These hangtags can be used with a tagging gun; however, please ensure that the smallest size of the hole (.125”) is chosen. We also recommend testing the tagging gun with a hole of this size to ensure it will work and the tag does not fall off.

How much space should be left for the hole drill?

The top of the drill is usually placed between 0.125” and 0.5” from the edge(s) of the tag, depending on the size of the tag and the size and position of the hole. In general, it is best to leave a minimum margin of 0.5” from the edge for the hole to ensure that important information, images, and logos do not conflict with the drilling. Any background colour, design, or image should extend into this area. Designs or shapes around the drill hole should be avoided as the hole’s exact position can shift slightly throughout the course of the drilling process.

What are the options for the size of the drill, and what are they suitable for?

There are 3 sizes of circular hole available:

  • .125” (1/8”) - Suitable for use with many common tagging guns, fine string or twine, very thin ribbon, etc
  • .25” (1/4”) - Suitable for use with fine to medium weight string or twine, thin to medium width ribbon, etc
  • .3625” (3/8”) - Suitable for use with thicker string or twine, thick ribbon, thin rope, etc

While ribbon can be used with round holes, it can end up being folded/curled and not lay flat. If a flat ribbon is desired, or for applications where a round hole is not suitable, “badge” style holes are available in the following sizes/configurations:

  • .625” wide by .125” Tall, Centre Top
  • .625” wide by .125” Tall, Centre Top and Bottom
  • 1.25” wide by .25” Tall, Centre Top
  • 1.25” wide by .25” Tall, Centre Top and Bottom

These options will work for all wide, flat loop materials and flat wire product hangers for in-store display. The options with top and bottom holes allow for the loop material to go through both holes. For example, if a ribbon is wrapped around an item like a belt.

What are the options for the position of the drill?

The circular drilling options can be placed in the Top Center, Top Right Corner, and Top Left Corner for portrait hangtags.

For landscape hangtags, the drill can still be placed in the Top Right or Left corner. The centre option will be drilled on the left or right of the tag, depending on the orientation of the artwork.

The hole will be in the Top Centre or Top and Bottom Centre for the Badge-style options, depending on the option selected.

What paper should I choose if I need to write on Hang Tags?

If the Hang Tags need to be written on, whether with a pencil, pen, marker, or speciality writing tool, one of the uncoated paper options should be chosen.

These are:

  • 14pt Uncoated
  • 14pt 100 lb. Lynx® Uncoated Cover FSC®
  • 130 lb. Cougar® Super Smooth Cover (18pt) FSC®
  • 100 lb. Rolland Enviro™ Smooth Cover

While 100lb White Linen Cover is also uncoated, it may not be suitable for writing due to the paper’s texture. If Linen is desired and writing is required, you should order a hard copy proof to test that the writing will not be affected by the paper’s texture.

The Linen paper has a smoother side and a more textured side, so placing a design with a logo on one side and lines for writing on the other could overcome any issues with the texture. 

We are looking for a high-quality tag with gloss and colour on both sides. What would your suggestion for the stock be?

Our suggestion would be a 16pt C2s Card + Gloss UV.

I need a tag that isn’t overly flimsy. Which paper would you suggest?

If you prefer gloss coated stock, please use the 16pt C2S.

If you are ok with an uncoated, smooth finish, please select 130# Cougar Super Smooth Cover.

I uploaded my design, but the preview of the design looks blurry. What should I do?

The previews are downsampling, and that’s why you’re seeing a blur. We recommend viewing your file in Adobe Reader or Acrobat at 100% view to determine the resolution.

What is the minimum order quantity for Hang Tags?

The minimum order is 100. There are set-up costs involved with this product, so the cost to produce less than 100 is the same as doing 100.

I’m not sure about the type of paper to use. Can you send me some samples?

Yes, we can provide you with samples. To do this, we’ll need you to email us the shipping address and indicate which types of paper you are interested in seeing.

Why is there a gloss coating on my Hang Tags when I requested no coating?

Even if you choose no coating to be added to the tags after printing, if you make the paper selection with C2S (coated two sides) in the name, it comes to us from the paper mill with a coating on it.

If you need to write on any printed item, uncoated paper is what is recommended because you can use stamps, markers, pens, and pencils on this material.

I have multiple Hang Tag designs for the front side and a common back side. Can I split my order into several versions?

The Hang Tags product does not allow for multiple versions to be uploaded for a single quantity selection.

You will be required to order every hang tag version as a separate cart.

Please be sure to use the “Project Title” to help identify each individual items as they will all be the same specs.

Is the 130lb uncoated cover a paper stock suitable for Hang Tags?

Yes, it’s 18pt Cougar brand paper, bright white, ideal for hang tags.

Is there any chance of getting a few examples before printing a full order to see the final product?

You can choose a hard copy proof when you create your online order.