Window Cling - Large Format FAQ

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How durable are your Window Clings?

Window Clings will last at least one year.

Do you offer custom shapes and sizes of Window Clings?

There are 4 possible options available on our product page regarding the shape of Window Clings, and every shape has different sizes available to choose from.

What are the Window Clings made of?

Our window clings are made of 4 mil frost white or clear synthetic material.

How do I apply the Window Cling?

For easy application, follow these steps: 

• Clean the surface you want to use with soap and water. After that, wipe the surface dry to ensure there’s no residue or lint left.

• Wet the application surface again with a bit of soap and water. Make sure that the surface is not too wet because it will cause bubbles to form. If there are bubbles after application, you can smooth them with your finger. Start from the center and move towards the edges.

• Remove the window cling backing.

• Place the Window Cling on the desired area by pressing down on one edge with your fingers. Slowly work towards the other edges to make sure there are as few bubbles as possible. You may need to lift it a few times to get a smooth application.