Presentation Folders FAQ

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Do I choose “Printing on Both Sides” if I want to print on the pockets?

You do not have to choose “Printing on Both Sides” if you want to print on the pockets. As the folders are printed flat and the pockets folded over, they will be printed on the same side of the sheet as the outside of the folder. Double-sided printing should only be selected if the content is needed on the inside other than on the pockets.

One thing that will need to be kept in mind is that content on the inside of the folder will be covered by anything placed into the pockets. Therefore it is common to see interior printing when there is only one pocket for holding documents so that the other side (and the content) will never be obscured.

What is the proper way to design the pockets so they are right side up on the final folder?

Because folders are printed flat and the pockets folded over to the inside, the content will need to be designed upside down as compared to the content that will be on the outside of the folder. If it is not rotated, it will be upside down on the finished piece. As this can be confusing to picture when looking at a flat design, a hardcopy proof is recommended to verify that the pockets are orientated correctly.

Are there templates available to help with designing?

Yes, there are downloadable templates available for all of the sizes that can be ordered online. These templates include the die line of the folder as well as indication for bleed, safe margin, and the proper orientation for the content on the pockets. Once all the selections have been made in the product configurator, the downloadable template will automatically match the size and pocket combination selected. Therefore it is important to make sure all the options are chosen before downloading.

What is the most common size for Presentation Folders?

The standard size for presentation folders is 9x12. This size is optimized to hold standard letter (8.5”x11”) documents and will fit easily into a 10x13 envelope if mailing is required. The second standard size is 9x14.5, designed for standard legal (8.5”x14”) documents. These two sizes will handle most, if not all, of normal business documentation, and come with 4” pockets.

Mini folders are also a frequent request, and the three most common sizes are 6”x9”, 5”x9”, and 4”x9”. These smaller sizes have 3” pockets and are intended for smaller documents like brochures or receipts, among others.

Can the business card slits be Vertical?

Yes, the business card slits can be vertical to accommodate portrait business cards, but only on folders with 4-inch pockets. Since the standard is horizontal slits, please reach out once an order is placed to let us know the slits should be vertical.

Can the business card slits be placed anywhere on the pocket?

Presentation Folders are cut out using cookie-cutter like devices called dies, which are thin wooden blocks with steel blades embedded in them. Since the slots for the blades are either laser or router cut, it is not possible to move the slits easily once the die is complete. The slits on our standard folder die are placed in the centre of the pockets as this is the most common position.

If it is desired for the slits to be in a different location, please reach out to let us know. We will look into whether the slits can be moved to the desired location and whether any additional charges to re-tool the die will apply. Keep in mind that it might not be possible to place the slits in the requested position, as there has to be enough margin between the new position and any existing blades. This is because a slot will need to be cut into the wood for the blade, and care needs to be taken not to affect the structural integrity of the die, otherwise it might split under the pressure applied during the die-cutting process.

Does the folder size on the website refer to folded or flat size?

The sizes displayed on the product page are folded sizes.