How to order Government of Canada Business Cards Online

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How to order Business Cards online using the Government of Canada templates

This article is written to assist Government of Canada members to place orders using Newprint’s Web-to-Print storefront. Members who are new can start from step #1, registered members can proceed to steps #2 & 3 for detailed instructions on how to create a business card template and loading a saved business card.

Watch our video tutorials or read the step by step guide below:

Tutorial Video Step #1: How to setup your Newprint account

Tutorial Video Step #2: How to create and save a project template

Tutorial Video Step #3: Loading saved templates

Step #1) How to setup your Newprint Account

  1. Start by heading to the “Account” dropdown menu found at the top right of the screen or use the provided link: Newprint - Create an Account

  2.  From there, fill in all of the Required Fields labeled with an Asterisk (*).

  3. Once all of the information has been filled out, click “ Submit” to complete creating your Newprint account.  

 4. Since the Government of Canada members require activation, you will have to contact us to inform us of your registered account, an email can be sent through our Contact us page. Newprint - Contact us

  - One of our representative’s will review your request and activate your account to access the Government of Canada catalogue. 

  - Within one hour during business hours of 9am - 5pm EST, your account will be activated.

Step #2) How to create & save a business card template

Note** Before creating your Canada Business Card Template, please ensure an active Newprint account has been created. For steps on creating an account, please refer to __Step #1) How to set up your Newprint Account.

  1. Once an account is created and assigned to the Government of Canada catalogue, click on the “CANADA” button found at the top of the website or use the provided link: Newprint - Canada Catalogue

  2. When the storefront loads, select the desired Template / Format by clicking the image. 

  3. To begin editing the selected template, click the “Personalize” button to open the editor.

4. Once the editor is open, fill in all of the applicable fields. 

**Note - if your department is not listed, please contact us to have it added to the template.

5. To preview the template with the filled in information, click the “Preview PDF” button. 

    - The image will refresh to display the template with the information in the form fields.

 6.  The template can be saved to your account using the “Save Project” button.

 7. Provide a Project Name & Project Description for your template and click the “Save Project” button.

 8. Once saved, the template will be accessible anytime the same business card template is opened. To learn how to load a previously saved template, please refer to step #3. 

Step #3) How to load & preview a saved business card template

 1. To load a saved project, first click the “Personalize” button

2.  Once the editor opens, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Load Project” button.

 3. The load project window will open with all of the saved projects created on this account.

 4. To load a project, click the “Load Project” Button. 

 5. Once the project is loaded, all of the fields will be automatically filled in, from there, the option to “Preview PDF” or “Save Data” if changes are required.

 6. To attach the template to your order, first click the “Preview PDF” button

 7. Once the preview is generated, scroll to the bottom of the editor page and select the “Attach PDF” button.

 8. With the PDF template attached, lastly, select the desired quantity for this order. 

 9. Once a quantity is selected, the “Add to Cart” button will turn green and the product can be added to your shopping cart.