Header Cards FAQ

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Can I create my own file for Header Cards?

Sure, you can create your own file. Or you can use our template. If we don’t have a template for the size you request, we can create one for you in case you need any help with setting it up.

Can you print on both sides of the Header Cards?

By the nature of this product, the back side is not visible so we only print on one side.

What should be the distance between the fold and the top of the hanger?

The minimum distance is 0.125’’ although 0.25’’ is recommended. Make sure no important design elements, such as text and logos, are in the hanger drilling area.

How do I make sure I don’t put any important information in the drilling area?

You can download our design templates, these files indicate where the drilling is and they also contain all trim lines and safe zones.

What paper should I choose in case I need to write on the Header Card?

In this case, you should choose 14pt Uncoated Card.