Bookmarks FAQ

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What are the standard dimensions for Bookmarks?

The most common dimensions for Bookmarks are 2” x 6”, 2” x 7”, and 2” x 8 “.

What kind of paper is Newprint using for Bookmarks?

Available options on our website are 12 pt, 14 pt and 16 pt cardstock.

Can I add rounded corners to Bookmarks?

Yes, Bookmarks with rounded corners are included as an option on the product page.

Can you make Bookmarks with a hole? 

We can deliver Bookmarks with or without a hole, depending on your preferences.

Is there anything special that I should consider when designing Bookmarks to ensure that my files are print-ready?

As with other print products, you should make sure to have bleed and safety margins. If your bookmark will have a hole, make sure there are no important design elements in the drilling area. You can download templates that match your selected product specifications from the product page to help you get started. They can be found on the right side of the screen.

If I add lamination to my Bookmarks, will that prevent them from bending?

Lamination will add more rigidness to the stock, but it will not make them impossible to fold or bend. You will still be able to bend the 14 pt if you are looking to have heavier paper than a 12 pt.

I can’t upload two files for the front and back of my bookmark order. Why?

The system will only accept 1 PDF file with 2 pages.

I got this message - “The format of the uploaded file does not meet the selected one” when I tried to upload? What should I do? 

You can press the green button below and upload the file. We will let you know if there are any problems with the file once we inspect it. We will not be printing anything before you approve the PDF proof.

I want to order a quantity that is not offered in the selection on the product page. Is that possible?

You can enter a custom quantity if the quantity you are looking to order is not displayed in the chart by typing the desired quantity into the Add Custom Quantity field. Press the green plus button, and the quantity will be added to the chart.

How can I know if the file I upload will print ok?

We will let you know if there are any problems with the file once we inspect it.

When ordering bookmarks, can multiple images be uploaded and split up in quantities?

You would not be able to split the quantity, you would need to add every design as a separate order.

I sized my photo exactly 8 x 2.5 inches. Will there be a bored around my photo? I want it to go to the edges. Do I need to add a bleed border?

You should add bleed, so the overall size should be 8.25 x 2.75.