Stand Out on the Shelves with Custom Food Packaging Boxes

Stand Out on the Shelves with Custom Food Packaging Boxes

Have you ever wondered what makes good custom food packaging boxes? Well, wonder no more!


In this post, we will dive into the world of paperboard food packaging and explore what makes it such a popular choice for many food companies.

First of all, let’s start with the basics. Paperboard is a thick, sturdy type of paper that companies often choose for packaging. It’s made from wood pulp and is recyclable, making it more eco-friendly than other packaging materials.

So, why do so many food companies choose paperboard for their packaging? One of the biggest reasons is its versatility. Paperboard can be molded into various shapes and sizes, making it perfect for everything from cereal boxes to take-out containers.

In addition, paperboard is lightweight but durable, which makes it ideal for shipping and handling. It can protect your food from damage during transit and keep it fresh for extended periods.

Advantages of custom food packaging boxes

When to use custom food packaging boxes

With a range of styles and designs available, custom printed food boxes can be tailored to meet specific needs and help promote a brand’s identity. The benefits of paperboard food packaging make it a popular choice for food businesses of all sizes.

Folding cartons are the most popular style of paperboard food packaging. They are made from a single sheet of paperboard that is folded and glued into the desired shape. Folding cartons come in a range of sizes and styles and are ideal for packing dry goods, such as cereals, snacks, and confectionery.

Make sure you are aware of the food packaging regulations when you are working on the design for your custom food packaging, as this is a highly regulated area.

Candy packaging boxes

These STE boxes are a very nice and common choice for candy packaging. With the right design, they can be very visually appealing and attract customers’ attention on the store shelves. This is important as consumers are always searching for a new candy to try, and you need to ensure your product is noticeable in the saturated market. 

This teal retro packaging box design reminds us of our everlasting love for peppermint candies that never go out of fashion. 


This practical sauce packaging has a 1-2-3 lock bottom box, but instead of a tuck top, it has a zipper strip closure, which makes it easy to open yet very safe. It is designed to communicate all the most important information about the product inside at a glance. It is very visual and easy to understand, but it does not shy away from displaying all the necessary details on the side panel of the packaging.

Online stores

Retf boxes are convenient custom food packaging boxes if you must send the product to your customers. They keep the candies safe, as they are tough to open accidentally. They also give off a more exclusive vibe and help create a pleasant unboxing experience

Cracker and energy bar packaging

On these Auto Bottom boxes tuck top is replaced with a sealed flap to better protect the product inside. Having the same design for all the boxes makes the brand recognizable. Still, different colors representing different flavors make it easier for customers to reach for their favorite one instinctively.

Presentation boxes

This is a convenient custom option. Until you open the box, it has a classic shape that is easy to store. But, adding a tear-out part that turns into a header display makes it an attractive addition to the store shelves. It is a very popular option for small items sold separately, as it keeps them neatly organized.

Jar packaging

This custom box with a carrying handle and side flaps is perfect for storing honey jars. Windows make it easy to reach the individual jars while keeping them safely stored until you tear out the windows. Additional elements make the packaging easier to move and offer extra sturdiness to support the jars’ weight. The design is very evocative of nature and wilderness. 


Coffee can be a very high-end product. If that is the case, you need to ensure the packaging reflects that. Both auto bottom and 1-2-3 lock bottom boxes can give you the desired effect. And you can choose the design that represents your brand the right way. It can be colorful or more subtle but with special finishes to attract the attention of potential customers.

Cake box

Taking the cake out of the regular box can be difficult without messing with the icing. And nobody wants to get a cake with half of the message missing or somebody’s handprint on the side of it.  

This unglued four single walls box with claw-lock flaps makes it easy to put the perfect cake on the table every time because you remove the walls for easier access. 

Beverages packaging 

Gable boxes are unique in their design, with a peaked roof that offers more space for branding and attracts attention. They can have a handle that makes them easy to carry. Or you can choose to have a sealed closure if that is a more convenient option for you.   

In conclusion, custom printed food packaging is a versatile, durable, and attractive option for many food companies. It is also a cost-effective alternative to some traditional packaging materials. You can mold it into various shapes and sizes, making it perfect for everything from cereal boxes to take-out containers, while its surface can be easily printed on to create eye-catching designs. ECMA standards offer many possibilities to customize the box design and make it suitable for your products but keep them standardized for more accessible storage and transportation. 

As more and more consumers become conscious of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions, food companies need to consider the sustainability of their packaging options. As more companies embrace sustainable packaging solutions, paperboard will likely become a more prevalent choice for custom food packaging boxes.

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